SMECWhat is the role of Automation software in Business?

What is the role of Automation software in Business?


Introduction to Automation

Automation was designed to reduce human work, and automation was first utilized in the manufacturing industry. In the manufacturing sector lot of manpower was utilized in earlier days, but now machines are utilized. Now there are many industries with intelligent machines and almost all the manufacturing sectors are utilizing machines. So in Automation, a wide range of computers and machines would be utilized to do several works. Automation can be utilized in almost all industrial sectors. Automation is utilized in the manufacturing sector to do repeatable tasks.

Automation in Business

Automation is mostly utilized in the manufacturing industry and now it is also used in different types of industries. Many organization is utilizing Automation software to improve productivity and it would also provide an easier way to do business. So in an organization computers and software would be utilized to create, collect, and store data in digital format. Several office information would be utilized to accomplish the basic tasks.

How Automation can be utilized in an organization to improve the business?

In an organization, Automation would be utilized to automate the existing work procedures. In an office Automation system, there would be Raw data storage, Electronic transfer, and also the management of electronic business information would be included in this. IBM has introduced the IBM Cloud Pak which is utilized for business automation. This is utilized to determine the performance and workflow of a business process. While utilizing automation in an organization certain processes such as sales, marketing, financial reporting, and customer service can be carried out very easily.

  • Repeatable tasks can be performed very easily
  • Data-based and rules-driven tasks can be easily carried out
  • Operational speed can be increased and due to this, the product can be delivered to the customer at the proper time.
  • Several tasks can be integrated

Business process Automation

  • Web data extraction
  • Business intelligence
  • Excel Automation
  • Email Automation
  • Application Integration
  • GUI Automation
  • Web process
  • Data automation

IT Automation

  • Network Automation
  • Windows Automation
  • Integration of Mainframe
  • Batch processing
  • Batch printing
Automation in Business
Automation in IT & Business

What is Robotic Process Automation and how it would benefit a business?

Robotic Process Automation does rules-based automation and it is utilized in the business and the IT sector. It would utilize specific software applications. In this, there would be a lot of RPA bots that would act as virtual workers. So the existing application in an organization would be manipulated by the software and the process would be easily completed.

RPI would interact with the GUI like a person, and it would also work with any application just like a person. It can easily switch from one application to the other very easily. It would check the data and perform based on the rules. RPA can operate 24*7 and thus there won’t be any downtime. Basically, RPA is software that utilizes Artificial intelligence to automate the business process. RPA can reduce the human workload and thus reduces the overall cost.

What is Business Process Automation?

Business process Automation is the process in which technology is utilized to perform business functions. In order to achieve all this, it would utilize RPA, BPM suits, custom scripts, AI, and other technologies. The BPA is beyond traditional data management and it would utilize all the above-mentioned technologies to integrate all the applications and also carry out the process very easy. Business Process Automation would help you to control a lot of issues.

What are the major advantages of utilizing Automation in the business sector?

Automation would help you to achieve digital transformation in your business. Your business process can be carried out in an easier way and the Automation software would make the business process carries out really fast. Many organizations are utilizing automation to do customer relationship management.

  • Costs can be reduced– Productivity can be increased a lot by utilizing automation in the business process. The accuracy can be increased by this too
  • Quality can be improved – Repeatable processes can be carried out by Automation in a quick manner and also with good accuracy. So there would be good precision, if the humans are involved in a repetitive task then the accuracy would be less and more time would be required for it.
  • Consumer satisfaction – By implementing automation in your organization, you can easily complete a task with good quality and accuracy and you can give the products to the customers at the proper time too. It would also help you to determine the customer needs by keeping the data and also by providing good customer communication.
  • Many tasks can be carried out in a quick manner
  • There is no need for a large staff
  • Less storage would be utilized to store the data

What are the disadvantages of Automation?

  • In an automated system, the intelligence level would according to the given data, and because of this, there could be a lot of errors regarding the topics of which the automated system doesn’t have any knowledge so the security would be less.
  • Development costs would be high, in order to implement automation in the business process, there could be a lot of research and development costs.
  • In order to automate a business process, there could be a lot of initial costs

Author – Ashlin A J

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