Quality assurance and quality control are inevitable in many industries such as Instrumentation, Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Electronics, nuclear power, and a lot more. So the opportunities for the QA/QC professionals are increasing a lot.

Importance of QA/QC Engineers in MNCs

QA/QC Engineers are required in most organizations and it would be really helpful to create high-quality products. So there are many opportunities for QA/QC thus, choosing a career in this field would help you to achieve your dream. Most of the manufacturing industries in India require QA/QC Engineers. The major role of a QA/QC Engineer would be to check the raw materials and the working process and also to examine the end product.

You can see a lot of QA/QC jobs in India and all of these job vacancies would be in different sectors such as Electrical, civil, Automobile, etc.

So because of this there won’t be any shortage for the QA/QC jobs.

If you are looking for a QA/QC job then you should join a certified QA/QC course in electrical, civil, or other sectors that you like.

How QA is different from QC?

The major difference between the QA QC is that the QA deals with the process that creates the product. The QC deals with the end product. So in case of the quality assurance, it would check the manufacturing process and the raw materials, while in case of the quality control it would check the manufactured product. We can see QA/QC in many industries such as Chemical, Automobile, Aerospace, Medical, Electronics, and also in a lot of other industries.

Quality assurance is the procedure of examining and maintaining the manufacturing quality and quality control is the procedure of examining and maintaining the product quality. QA/QC Engineers are required in a company to meet the industrial standards.

Quality assurance can be described as preventive maintenance and it is because it can prevent the defects in the products before their manufacturing. Quality control can’t do the preventive maintenance like the Quality assurance. Quality assurance can prevent faults before they can occur.

QA/QC jobs
QA/QC jobs

Major Civil QA/QC jobs in India

  • QA/QC Engineer
  • QA/QC Supervisor
  • Quality Control Engineer
  • Equipment Inspectors
  • QA Executive

The quality of a building or structure is really important there shouldn’t be any compromise in this so the importance of QA/QC Engineer is really important in the civil sector.

Major Responsibilities of Civil QA/QC Engineer

The major role of a civil QA/QC Engineer is to achieve the construction quality and also this Engineer should analyze the problems and should be able to take appropriate actions for the problems.

Material inspection must be done properly and also should make sure that all the quality standards are met during the construction.

Major Responsibilities of Civil Equipment Inspectors

All the equipment must be examined to determine that it has met the requirement for the construction. Repairs must be done if there is any fault in the equipment. Electrical assemblies and the connection of the equipment must be checked.

Major Electrical QA/QC jobs in India

  • QA/QC Electrical Engineer
  • QA/QC Electrical Inspector
  • Electrical maintenance Engineer
  • Electrical design Engineer – MEP
  • Electrical Process Engineer

Major Responsibilities of QA/ QC Electrical Engineer

Check if the Electrical and mechanical works are done based on the drawings. Cable laying and cable identification must be examined properly. This engineer should also check if there are any problems with the power transformer, switchboard, and Socket outlets. Make sure that all the equipment is connected properly. Perform the continuity and insulation resistance test. Check whether the switchgear is installed properly or not.

Should conduct the test of the power transformer, instrument transformer, and the MCC Panels. Commissioning of the control panels and the LV panels. Must be capable to conduct circuit breaker testing.

QA/QC jobs
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Major Responsibilities of QA/QC Electrical Inspector

The electrical inspector should examine the cable pulling, dressing, and termination activities. Conduct the electrical equipment testing such as earthing checks, resistance checks, insulation checks, etc.

Examine the connection between the distribution box, junction box, and also electrical panel. QA/QC Electrical inspector should be able to conduct the inspection and commissioning. All the electrical materials which are going to be installed must be checked and these materials should be checked after the installation too. He should be able to test the medium voltage and low voltage cables and also make sure that all the testing equipment is properly calibrated.

Major Instrumentation QA/QC jobs in India

  • QA/QC instrumentation Engineer
  • QC Engineer
  • Electrical and instrumentation Engineer
  • Controls and instrumentation design Engineer

Instrumentation QA/QC engineer needs to inspect the industrial equipment and its connection. The connection between the equipment should be checked. This engineer should check that the field devices are connected properly to the junction box and check the connection to the control system.

In an industrial plant, the connection between the sensors, transmitters, and control systems is really important. So if there is any fault in this section then it could affect the entire process or the plant. So proper inspection should be carried out in all the sectors in an industrial plant.

Major Responsibilities of the QA QC Instrumentation Engineer

Conduct or examine the instrument calibration. Check if the instruments are installed and connected properly. Inspect the communication equipment and make sure it is connected in the right way.

Examine the connection between the junction box, marshaling cabinet, system cabinet, and the operator station. Make sure that the field instruments are wired properly to the junction box. Check if the pressure control valve is properly calibrated or not. Examine the emergency shut down system in the industrial plant.

Major Responsibilities of Electrical and instrumentation Engineer

Examine the electrical and instrumentation installation works. Make sure that the cable ladder or cable tray is installed properly. Cable ladders and cable trays are the major cable support if it is not installed properly then it would affect the cabling. Examine whether the pneumatic signal connection is proper or not.

Check the connection between the field devices and PLCs. Check the connection between the DCS control panel and the marshaling cabinet. Examine the connection between the field junction box and the control valve or the final control element. Should be able to do the maintenance and testing of VFD, PLC, Control valve, Pressure transmitters, etc. Examine the insulation resistance of power and control cables

How SMEClabs can help you to achieve your dream career?

QA/QC Certification

If you are a certified QA/QC Engineer then you can guarantee that you would get placed in any of the major MNCs. SMEClabs can help you to become a global certified QA/QC Engineer. SMEClabs would train you in various industry standards and procedures to become a skillful QA/QC engineer.

Certified engineers and Experienced QC instructors would conduct the training programs. You would get a lot of exposure related to the industrial process while doing this course. This exposure would help you to become a professional in QA/QC with a lot of problem-solving skills.

Major Benefits of SMEClabs QA/QC courses

  • International Certification
  • You would get a lot of job opportunities due to this certification
  • You would get a lot of job opportunities from several industries across the globe such as oil and gas, Automobile, Chemical, civil, etc.
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  • Attractive salary

As we discussed earlier there are a lot of job opportunities for the QA/QC Engineers. QA/QC plays a major role in most MNCs, there are a lot of QA/QC jobs in India. The demand for QA/QC Engineers is increasing day by day in different sectors. Most MNCs are looking for QA/QC Engineers with good skills. So if you are looking to start a career in QA/QC then SMEClabs can help you a lot.