Why wind monitoring system is required?

The wind monitoring system is required to determine the weather and also the global climate. Anemometer is one of the major wind monitoring devices which is widely used to monitor wind speed and direction.

Wind monitoring and alarming system by SMEC marine

You can monitor the wind speed and direction continuously by utilizing the SMEC wind monitoring system. Our wind monitoring system is capable to determine the Speed, direction, pressure, and also flow rate of the wind.

wind monitoring system
Wind monitoring system

Data can be transmitted to the I/O modules by utilizing our LCD display unit. These I/O modules will function as the alarm annunciation and COP tripping. If the wind speed is more than the high alarm set point then the HI alarm and the common buzzer will be activated. This signal can also trip the COP and also the trip alarm. You can customize the windspeed alarm points or setpoints according to your requirements. You can utilize the SMEC wind monitoring system with an existing system or else you can use it with the new wind sensors. You can install this wind monitoring system in your control room.