Electrical SystemHow to do industrial wiring?

How to do industrial wiring?


Introduction to industrial wiring

Industrial wiring is mostly done in three-phase, it is done in three-phase to decrease the load on each wire. Three-phase transmission is the productive method of power transmission and it could give the greatest outcomes. Raceways, metal conduits, or armored cables are utilized to do the industrial wiring. Industrial wiring must be done by using proper cables there are different types of wires for industrial and residential wiring. Mostly MTW is the wire which is used to wire an industrial control panel.

MTW wires are used in the control panel because they can be easily moved or laid in the panel. As the name indicates machine tool wires are used to wire the machine tools, control panels, and also the industrial equipment. We can move this wire easily through a conduit and this will be really useful for industrial wiring. The important part of any wiring is the wiring color code and this must be considered in the case of industrial or commercial wiring.

The color code of the wiring is done according to certain standards like green color is used for grounding. Another important part of industrial wiring is the wire size, choosing the wire is an important part of the industrial wiring. We should know the voltage and current that pass through the wire and according to that the size of the wire should be determined.

In the case of wiring a panel or wiring an industrial control system, there could be a lot of instances where wire bending is required. So we must take proper care while doing the wire bending. So wire bending must be done properly without affecting the conductors. Another important part of the industrial wiring is the wire connection or its termination. The wire must be connected or terminated properly if we apply too much pressure then it can affect the terminal block to which it is connected and also it could damage the wire. If the applied pressure is really low then the connection or termination won’t be proper.

Another important factor in industrial wire connection is that while connecting stranded wires we should make sure that the wire is not strayed. In case we connect a frayed wire to the terminal block then the chances of short circuits would be really high. So while connecting stranded wires make sure that the wire is not frayed we can do this by twisting the frayed wire and after that, we can do the connection.

Importance of wire labeling or tagging in industrial wiring

Industrial wiring 3
How to do industrial wiring? 3

In industrial wiring, wire labeling is an important process if there is no wire labeling then it would be really difficult during the troubleshooting process. If you are planning to troubleshoot a problem in a panel and if there is no labeling then there could be a lot of problems. In a control panel, you could see a lot of wires and if the wires are labeled properly then you would know where the wire goes and its function. If the labeling is not properly done then it could also cause a lot of problems during the troubleshooting.

Wire labeling would help you to determine if the wire is carrying a small or large amount of current. Wire labeling must be done in a way that we should be able to determine where the wire comes from and where it leads to. This would help the electrical technicians to troubleshoot the problems really quickly. In the case of industrial wiring, the wire could carry a control signal otherwise it could be transmitting the power.

So it should be included in the wire labeling and during certain times different colors of wires are used to show if it carries power or control signal. There are flag and sleeve labels so select the type of label according to the information that it displays. If the label description is too hard to read then there is no point in wire labeling so make sure you are able to read the labeled data. You should try to use a similar label for the cables with the same function. In certain cases the size and gauge of the wire should be indicated and thus certain labeling must be done according to that.

Why industrial machines are three-phase machines?

In a single-phase, we cannot transmit the power as much as in a three-phase. The efficiency of a three-phase system is a lot more when compared to a single-phase system. Another advantage of a three-phase system is that they are economical. The three-phase system only uses one additional wire when compared to a single-phase system and it would be able to transmit a lot more power than a single-phase system.

Major advantages of a three-phase system over the single-phase

  • A three-phase system would only require less conductive material to transmit the same amount of power as in a single-phase system.
  • The size of a three-phase machine would be smaller than that of a single-phase machine with the same output
  • The voltage drop of a three-phase system is very less than that of a single-phase system
  • The efficiency of three-phase devices is really better than of the single-phase
  • The three-phase system would give constant power, while in a single-phase it would be pulsating
  • You can easily rectify the faults in a three-phase system but it’s not possible in the case of a single-phase system.
  • The power factor of a single-phase system is lower than a three-phase system.

How to ground an industrial panel

Industrial wiring 2
How to do industrial wiring? 4

We must be really careful while doing the industrial grounding if the grounding is not properly done then it can affect any hardware which is connected to it. In the industrial panel, we must make sure that most of the components and signals are placed in one part of the panel. Panel wiring is a really important part of industrial wiring. We can see a lot of components in an industrial panel and all of these components should be grounded.

So all of these components should come to one part of the panel and in this part, we can see the incoming power connection. In this same section of the industrial panel, we can see the common grounding connection. This is also the section where the whole panel would be connected to a ground rod. This ground rod connection would be really useful to eliminate the short circuit or the surge. So by doing the panel grounding we can protect the devices in the industrial panel.

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