CCTV can be seen in most offices and also in many industrial sectors, CCTV plays a major role in our daily life and there are many CCTV camera jobs. We all know that CCTV is used for video surveillance, CCTV means closed-circuit television. CCTV is the major security tool for video surveillance. It is called a closed circuit because the video will be transmitted only to a private party. It is not transmitted publically and mostly these cameras are used for security purposes.

So we can see CCTV in many companies and also in several shops to determine if there are any criminal activities going on or not. We can see CCTV in various industries, CCTV cameras can be seen in front of many houses, government offices, and also in many places.

CCTV would allow you to monitor your surrounding remotely. You can also record the video and can monitor all the activities in any factory or in any office. In earlier days there were only low-resolution videos because of the analog CCTV recorders. Nowadays we can see a lot of DVRs so the video would be recorded digitally. We can transmit the digitally recorded video by using the ethernet and also by Wi fi. This would allow a lot of flexibility while installing the CCTV.

What are all the major CCTV job opportunities?

  • CCTV operator
  • CCTV Technician
  • CCTV & Fire Engineer
  • Jr. Fire Alarm/ CCTV Service Engineer
  • Service Engineer- Digital Security & Surveillance system
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Major responsibilities of CCTV operator

  • CCTV operator would handle most of the surveillance systems, like building management system, access control, alarm panels
  • Should be able to troubleshoot any problems regarding the CCTV it could be related to the network or anything like that
  • Should check the system daily
  • Should check the video frequently and be vigilant
  • Should have good knowledge about computers to operate the CCTV equipment

Major responsibilities of CCTV technician (Electronic control)

  • Install various access control device
  • Should be able to do the structured cabling
  • Should be able to do the installation, maintenance, repair, alteration, and service of the CCTV system.
  • Should be capable to handle operational and safety concerns
  • Should have good knowledge regarding network and information technology
  • Should be able to do upgrades to improve the functionality of the system
  • Should be able to do the computer program which is required for the CCTV
  • Must be capable to install the CCTV in a proper way, so that the field of view would be really good

Major responsibilities of Service Engineer- Digital Security & Surveillance system

  • Should be able to coordinate the employees for the CCTV security system
  • Must be capable to take proper actions in case of any problems
  • Should check the system frequently and also the video
  • Should check the system network so that the video can be easily transmitted

How to start a career in CCTV?

In order to grab a job in this field, you should have a lot of skills in CCTV. So you can acquire this by completing a course in CCTV. A lot of industries are utilizing CCTV and due to this, there would be a lot of job opportunities.

If you are planning to start a career in CCTV then SMEClabs can help you. SMEClabs can teach you everything related to CCTV. You would acquire a lot of skills after completing this course from SMEClabs.

How SMEClabs will help you to grab a job in CCTV?

As we discussed earlier CCTV is used in most places, from small shops to MNCs. So choosing a career in CCTV would secure your future. Most companies are looking for CCTV professionals with a lot of skills. You can grab these skills by doing a CCTV course from SMEClabs. You would be internationally certified after completing this course from SMEClabs. If you complete this course then you can get easily placed in a reputed firm.

Major skills you can acquire from SMEClabs

  • CCTV design concepts
  • DVR networking
  • DDNS
  • IP cam & CCTV system
  • Outdoor station module
  • You would be able to program IP cameras and NVRs
  • You would learn about IP networks which are required for the IP camera system
  • You would learn how the CCTV works and also you would know how to determine the focal length that is required for the CCTV
  • You would be able to setup DVRs with HD cameras
  • You would be able to use certain tools and software which is required to work with the IP cameras
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What are all the things that you must consider while installing a CCTV?

First, you should choose the best brands like “Hikvision” and CP plus. You should also determine if the data is secured or not during the online view. Make sure your data is secured, in order to do that select a good CCTV brand with a secured cloud network. You should select a CCTV brand that provides good service and maintenance because CCTV requires proper service to function properly.

Make sure you are properly maintaining the CCTV system, you should check if the recording is properly done. Check the recording once a month, proper maintenance should be done twice a year.

What are the major components which are required for the CCTV system?

CCTV system is composed of a DVR, hard disk, power supply, camera, connectors, CCTV cable, Monitor, MIC, etc. All of this is required for a CCTV system, there are cameras indoor and outdoor. Choose the camera according to the quality requirement, and choose the power supply according to the camera requirements. BNC connectors are used to transmit the video from the camera to the DVR. A DVR is a video recorder that would record the video. In the case of the wireless camera, this is different it will transmit the signal wirelessly. DC connector is used to take power to the camera.

Major mistakes that can be avoided while installing a CCTV?

You should choose the DVR according to the camera requirements, like the number of cameras which should be connected to the DVR. If you are selecting a wireless camera then make sure that the supply can be given to it, the wireless camera only transmits signals wirelessly to the DVR. It requires a power supply just like a normal CCTV camera. Make sure that the Wi fi range is good while selecting a wireless CCTV camera, if not then the signals can’t be properly transmitted.

Wireless CCTV cameras can be easily hacked when compared to wired ones. So make sure that the network is secure. Make sure that the CCTV camera wiring is properly done and you should also make sure that the quality of the wire is good. If the wire quality is poor then the strength of the signal would be decreased due to the attenuation. Use proper indoor and outdoor cables for the CCTV camera wiring. Make sure that the outdoor cables are weatherproof.

What are the major applications of CCTV?

  • Monitoring Public space
  • It can be used for industrial applications
  • CCTV is used for monitoring traffic
  • CCTV is used in medical sectors and in schools
  • CCTV is used in the storeroom

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