Artificial IntelligenceWhat are the Data Resources in AI and how...

What are the Data Resources in AI and how data is collected in AI?


Why data is required in an AI system?

Artificial intelligence plays an important part in robotics and also it is an integral part of the metaverse. In order to create, implement, and also to operate the AI system data is required. So major companies are looking for data and they are also restricting access to the data so that they can compete with their competitors. So restricting access to the data would give a lot of profit to the companies. AI system is a combination of several mathematical and statistical techniques and the important part of the AI system is the data. Right now AI is getting a lot of attention from the government sector, the private sector, and also the general public.

Several MNCs and a lot of startups have invested a lot of money to create AI technologies. There are several AI technologies such as machine learning, deep learning, image recognition, and natural language processing. AI is utilized in several sectors such as the financial sector, the digital sector, the healthcare sector, and also in a lot of other sectors. So all these AI systems would require a lot of data.

What is the importance of the data in the AI system?

In an AI system, there would be a lot of mathematical and statistical techniques and a huge amount of data would be required in an AI system. So a lot of data would be required for the AI operation. A huge amount of data is required while training an AI system. In order to learn the algorithm lot of data would be required. So if an AI system that is a lot more powerful with good hardware won’t be useful if there is no proper data. If the companies have access to a lot of data then the quality of the AI system would be really high.

There would be a lot of research carried out to collect the data for the AI system. This research is carried out to gain a lot of clean data to build an effective AI system. If the data has poor quality then there could be a lot of errors from the AI system. Data plays an important role in the AI business model, the application of the AI system to the business process is to determine the importance of data, training, and algorithm.

So in order to create an AI system with better quality, the developer should have a good understanding of the importance of the data. The AI system must be created in a way that it must be able to integrate new data into it. Most people think that the algorithm is the important part of an AI, but the algorithm is not the important one it’s the data.

What are the Data Resources in AI and how data is collected in AI? 2

How the data would be collected for machine learning?

Machine learning is all about collecting data Data plays an important role in training and operating an AI system. The major part of developing an AI system is to collect the relevant information for the AI system. Major companies are hiring a lot of researchers to gather high-quality data. These companies are also the creators and owners of huge amounts of data. Tech companies are doing a lot of research regarding AI.

AI utilizes big data to gather a lot of data, and AI utilizes several methods to analyze data. The majority of the data comes from the public sector organization. AI requires humans and data to achieve its capabilities. If the collected data doesn’t have good quality then it would badly affect the AI. Data gathering by AI will improve in the future. Data would be collected from ERP and also from the customer relationship management system so there are several ways to collect the data. AI can also collect lots of details from social media, so that would also be a source.

AI technology can be described as creating intelligent machines. Machines would be able to do intelligent tasks like problem-solving, reasoning, etc. So in order to achieve all this high-quality data should be required. There won’t be any AI without the data, AI is capable to determine the data types. If the AI and the big data are integrated together then it can automate a lot of processes. Twitter utilizes AI to evaluate tweets.

Another feature of AI is natural language programming and this can be utilized to do text extraction. While collecting and adding data for the AI, there would be a lot of unstructured data. These unstructured data could be extracted properly by the NLP and thus relevant data could be gathered. There are AI bots to extract the data, basically, it is a program that is utilized to solve a problem. Microsoft Power BI is a good data source.

Is AI a good career option?

AI has been implemented in a lot of sectors and the AI can provide better results. So every industry would utilize AI in the future, One disadvantage of AI is that the initial cost of the AI is really high. Instead of that, there are not many disadvantages in this sector. So within three or four years, we would be able to see AI in a lot of sectors and due to this, the opportunities in this sector are really high. There would be a lot of high-paying jobs in AI.

What are the major advantages of AI?

  • It can easily perform a task
  • Machines would be capable to do hideous tasks
  • It can operate at any time, so there won’t be any downtime
  • AI can be utilized in several industries
  • The process can be done in a smarter and faster way
  • Human-machine interaction would be a lot simpler
  • Information security and data handling would be done properly

How to build an efficient AI system?

  • Before building an AI system we should consider the customer requirement.
  • The data which is collected should have good quality so that the AI system would be good too.
  • Create a proper algorithm and mathematical instructions for the AI system
  • Teach the algorithm by utilizing the proper data
  • Select the programming language according to the requirement
  • At last check the AI system if it satisfies the customer requirements

Author – Ashlin A J

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