SMECHow AI cam will be useful for blind people?

How AI cam will be useful for blind people?


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Introduction to AI cam and how AI cam will be useful for blind people?

AI cameras will be really handy for visually impaired personnel. Visually impaired people face a lot of challenges and these challenges can be overcome by using AI cam. Most visually impaired people use a cane or a service dog. A cane can detect the presence of an object but it won’t be able to identify the object. Service dogs can help blind people, they can protect the person from danger but the person won’t be able to understand the intensity of the danger.

AI cam which is a wearable device that will create and send audio messages to blind people. If the visually impaired person wears it then this device will give information about the surroundings in real time. AI cam is developed for visually impaired people to become independent.

AI cam for blind people
How AI cam will be useful for blind people? 3

How does an AI cam operates and how it can provide information about the surrounding?

AI cam is also known as a smart cam because it has many advanced features. This device can read text, recognize faces, identify products, able to detect money, and barcodes, and also it can detect color. All these features will be really useful for visually impaired people to become independent.

This AI cam will be used for any kind of vision loss, and also it will provide audio feedback based on the surrounding. So basically this device will provide audio feedback based on the visuals it receives from the camera.

This AI cam will be attached to the eyeglass frame and it will provide feedback based on the received information. The received information will be spoken as words to the user’s ear. This device can be attached to the frame magnetically. This device has a laser targeting feature that can be used to read any text that we choose. Smart reading is another feature of this AI cam that will allow this device to read anything to the user.

Real-time facial recognition features will allow blind people to connect with others very easily. The product identification feature of this AI cam will allow the user to determine different types of products and also it can detect colors too. All these features will allow the visually impaired person to lead their life really easily. It can also detect the currency so, an AI cam will be a lot helpful for blind people.

This AI Cam is really easy to use and we can operate it with simple hand gestures. Users can operate this AI Cam by controlling the user, head, and hand. This AI Cam for blind people will help the visually impaired personnel to lead their life really easily. Users will be able to detect products, so they can go to a store and buy products. They can get data regarding text messages, mail, newspaper, etc.

AI cam for blind people
How AI cam will be useful for blind people? 4

Is it possible for blind people to use the AI cam eye?

The AI Cam is for blind people and it is developed in a way that it will be suited for each and every person who got visual impairment. Another advantage of this device is that it can detect different types of language and convert it to the user’s preferred language. It can detect the person if the device has already stored the details regarding this person. This AI cam will narrate everything that surrounds the user, so it will be really useful for blind people to determine everything around them.

Who can use the AI cam my eye?

AI cam will be useful for each and every eye condition, and it is suitable for any kind of vision problem. It can be used to detect text, people, color, money, and products. AI cam will provide all these details as audio information, this AI Cam for blind people won’t make any changes to the user’s eye condition. In order to use this device the users should not have any hearing problems. So this AI cam is not suitable for people with hearing impairments.

What are the advantages of the AI cam?

  • It will narrate the visual world to the user
  • It can detect a barcode, products, convert language, etc
  • Text messages and scenes can be detected too
  • It can store the data, such as facial details to detect a person.
  • Image Detection
  • Color Detection

Author – Ashlin AJ

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