How internship will help you to secure your career?


What is an internship and how it can help you to get a job?

An internship is the work experience provided by an organization to students or other people who like to start their career in an industrial sector. Students will get better exposure to the operations of an organization. An internship will provide you with skills in industrial operations. Organizations will train interns by including them in several industrial projects. Internships will help you to acquire several skills most MNCs are looking for candidates with good skills. Internships will be provided by the employer for a fixed period.

You will be able to determine the culture of a company after completing the internship. All these skills will make you capable enough to be part of a major organization that you want to be part of. Internships can also be called experimental learning and this will help the candidates to get real-world experience.

How internship will help you to secure your career? 3

What are the benefits of an internship?

  • Professional skill development is the major advantage of the internship, candidates will be able to develop several practical skills which are required for a particular job.
  • You will be trained and molded by an industrial professional
  • You can build a professional network by which you will be able to develop your career and also this will help you to land your dream career.
  • Students will be able to determine their career path, and during the internship, the candidates will get a proper idea regarding their field of work. Students will get a clear-cut idea if they want to choose a career in the relevant field.
  • You can boost your resume by including the internship details in your resume. Employers will find it positive and this will be useful for you to get hired.
  • Students will get proper exposure to new opportunities
  • Industrial knowledge

How to get an internship and what are the different ways to get an internship?

Check the internship opportunities on company websites, job portals, and also by using the professional network. After you find out the right internship program you need to highlight your skills to get selected for the internship program. Make sure that you prepare well for the interview, so you should research a lot regarding the company and also the position for which you are applying.

There are several ways to get an internship first step is to do the proper research regarding the organization that provides the internship of your interest. Then you should make a good connection with professionals in the relevant field and you can use Linkedin for that. You can reach out to company professionals in the relevant field. You can use the career research centers in your school and college.

How internship will help you to secure your career? 4

What are the different types of internships?

Paid internship

In this type of internship, the candidate will get paid for their work.

Unpaid internship

in this type of internship, the candidate won’t get paid instead they will get several benefits such as certification and placement assistance.

Full-time internship

An internship can last from one to six months, and the full-time internship will be carried out during normal working hours.

Part-time internship

The part-time internship will take place only for a few hours a day.

Why should I do an internship?

  • To get the proper experience
  • To have good knowledge regarding the industrial sector
  • To improve your adaptability and communication skills
  • Time management skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • You will be capable enough to work in a team

How internship can be useful for your career?

Most employers are looking for candidates who have industrial experience. It is really hard to get hired as a fresher, so including an internship in your resume will improve your chances of getting hired. You will have industry exposure after completing an internship and you will also know how organizational operations are being carried out. Another advantage of an internship is that you will have good knowledge regarding the industrial sector and also you will have good professional connections.

Do interns get paid?

There are paid and unpaid internships, most of the internships will be unpaid, and in some cases, the interns will get paid. In the unpaid internship, you will acquire a lot of knowledge regarding organizational operations and also you will get certification all these will be applied to the paid internship too. In the paid internship program mostly they will pay low wages and this is because they are teaching us their industrial operations. You can explore your dream career path because of this internship and also you will get valuable experience that will be useful for your career growth.

How to get an easy internship and which company has the best internship program in Kerala?

The number of job seekers has increased and most organizations are looking for experienced professionals. Internships will help freshers to get easily hired. SMEC has started the internship program to help freshers to secure their careers. SMEC Automation is the leading marine service provider in India. SMEC provides internships for diploma candidates, Btech graduates, and also for PG & UG candidates. SMEC provides internships in various sectors such as automation, instrumentation, accounting, embedded systems, and also in the IT sector.

Author – Ashlin A J