India’s first water metro in Kochi

India's first water metro
India's first water metro

Introduction to India’s First Water Metro

India’s first water metro is in Kochi, water transportation is an effective method with less traffic. The major purpose of the Kochi Water Metro is to decrease the traffic in the city. Kochi Metro Rail has taken the initiative for this project. The funding for this project is done by the Kerala government and also German development bank KfW has provided funds for India’s first water metro. We can see a lot of water transportation in rivers, backwaters, and the ocean. This water metro will connect several islands and coastal regions in the state.

Which city in India has the first water metro?

India’s first water metro is also the world’s first urban water metro project. India’s first water metro in Kochi.

India’s first water metro
India’s first water metro

As we all know Kerala is a state with a lot of backwaters and coastal areas, so water transportation is an important means of transportation in Kerala. Kochi Water Metro has made it really easier to get around via waterways. This water metro in Kochi will connect to 10 islands that are near Kochi.

Who inaugurated the Kochi water metro?

Our honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated India’s first water metro on 25th April. Kochi Metro will be really useful to improve the tourism sector in Kerala. Kochi Water Metro will connect various parts of the city through waterways.

What are the major features of the Kochi Water Metro?

The battery that is used in the Kochi water metro is Lithium Titanate Spinite Batteries. India’s first water metro is an Eco-friendly transportation system and also it is one of the fastest-completed metro projects in India. Kochi Water Metro can be operated in hybrid mode and also in the battery. This water transportation facility will be useful to connect almost 10 islands. kochi water metro is designed in a way that it can occupy the differently abled people.

  • Electrical propulsion
  • Floating jetties
  • Automatic fare collection
  • Reduction in carbon emission
  • Passenger information system
  • Thermal camera for night travel
  • Operation and control center
  • Navigational system
  • Capable to carry 50 to 100 passengers on a trip
  • All the boats are electric hybrid boats

Why Kochi Water Metro is called Eco-friendly transportation?

India’s first water metro is eco-friendly because the boats in the Kochi water metro are hybrid. The boats in the Kochi water metro are battery-operated and because of this, there will be less pollution.

Does kochi water metro have electric ferries and did kochi water metro receive any award?

It is said that during the completion of the Kochi water metro project 78 electric ferries will be deployed. India’s first water metro in Kochi is the first in the world to implement a fully functional electric-powered ferry transit system. Kochi Water Metro has won the global electric boat award. Kochi Water Metro has received Gussie’s award for the best commercial passenger electric boat in the world.

How does the kochi water metro operate and how can it improve tourism in Kerala?

India’s first water metro is a ferry transportation project. So there will be several ferry boats that will run on the travel routes in kochi. The ferry utilizes all the advanced technology and because of this, the operation of the water metro will take place very efficiently. Due to the electric boats, the emission will be really less. When this project is fully fledged water transportation will be really useful for the tourism sector in the city.

Now the transportation facility is really limited for the islanders so they need to travel a lot to work by road and the time and money will be more compared to the water transportation. So during the completion of this project, all these islanders can travel a lot at their own convenient time.

What are the major terminals and travel routes of the kochi water metro?


Kakkanad is one of the major IT hubs in Kerala and a water metro in this region will really help to reduce the traffic during the working days.


This is one of the mobility hubs that connects different forms of transportation.


Vypin has several lagoons, backwaters, beaches, etc. This is one of the regions in the city that requires water transportation a lot. This is also the major tourist area in the city and water transport connects Vypin and fort kochi.

High court

This is another crowded region in kochi city, and water transportation will be really useful in this part of kochi. This is the starting phase of the kochi water metro and when it operates fully fledged there will be several more terminals.

Travel Routes

  • High Court to Vypin
  • Vyttila to Kakkanad
  • High Court to Fort Kochi
  • High Court to Mattancherry
  • Fort kochi to Mattancherry
  • Ernakulam to Vypin
  • Edakochi to Vytilla

How to book tickets for the kochi water metro?

• Tickets for single trips can be purchased from the terminal

• You can also book tickets by using the Kochi One card and this can also be used with the Kochi metro rail.

What will be the ticket price for the Kochi water metro?

• Minimum ticket price is 20Rs maximum is 40Rs

• Weekly pass – 180Rs

• Monthly pass – 600Rs

• Quarterly pass – 1500Rs

Who has manufactured the kochi water metro and what is the total cost of the kochi water metro project?

Cochin Shipyard is the manufacturer of the Kochi water metro. During the first phase, 8 hybrid boats are launched. The total cost of the Kochi water metro project is 1137crore