SMECHow Information technology in India is shaping the business...

How Information technology in India is shaping the business sector?


Information technology in Indian organization

The IT industry has played a major role in the Indian economy. Information technology is the process that deals with several things such as hardware, software, networking, computing, and a lot of other things that involve the transmission of information. Organizational productivity is dependent on several IT operations. The flow of business operational processes can be easily carried out by implementing information technology. The growth and success of most corporate firms are dependent on IT-based services.

Data plays an important role in many industrial applications so data security is really important in an organization. This growth in the IT sector has also changed the Indian economy. Software development, Online service, business processing outsourcing all of these operations can be carried out with the help of information technology in India.

Information technology in India
How Information technology in India is shaping the business sector? 3

What are the major technologies used to improve Information technology in India?


Networking is the process through which we can interconnect computers. This process will be really useful to store the data and also to share several organizational documents in a secure way. The computers will be connected to the internet so that they can operate, in a network. Several computers can share a printer if it is connected to a network. Information technology in India is booming right now and we all know that many MNCs have branches in India.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence can be described as an intelligent computer and this intelligence is achieved by using a computer program. Computers will acquire several skills such as the ability to capture data from their environment. In order to achieve all this a huge amount of data and algorithms will be used. AI is used in several industries such as financial sectors, manufacturing industries, banking sectors, and a lot more. AI will be useful to analyze business data. AI will play a major role in the future of information technology in India.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing has helped organizations to outsource most of their functions. Due to cloud computing the functionality, storage, and productivity of an organization can be increased. Cloud computing helps businesses to expand easily and also the mobility of the organization can be improved too. The small-scale business has developed a lot because of cloud computing. There is no constraint regarding storage, space, hardware, and cost. Many organizations can use several resources without owning them because of cloud computing.

Cloud computing services can be used from anywhere with the help of the internet. The agility of the business can be improved with less cost and also the flexibility of the operation can be improved too. Better security, flexibility, productivity, etc can be achieved with the help of cloud computing.

Information technology in India
How Information technology in India is shaping the business sector? 4

Internet of things

IoT can be described as the combination of electronic devices and the internet. The devices will have sensors in them and the internet will be connected to them thus these devices can transfer data easily. Mostly IoT will be really useful for manufacturing plants. IoT will reduce the operational cost, and the workflow can be determined too. Productivity in an organization can be improved because of the IoT. Customer data can be easily checked and because of this organizations can determine business trends. IoT is the reason for Industry 4.0 and smart factories are developed with the help of IoT.

Cyber security

Security plays an important role in most industries, cyber attacks can affect business badly. Due to the digital operations in the organizational workflow, the operations can be easily carried out quickly and economically. But this has also paved the way for several security issues. Due to the remote working culture and also because of mobile devices cyber attacks have increased a lot. So cyber security is inevitable in most organizations. Due to organizational development, the complexity of organizational operations has increased and this will affect security.


Blockchain is a distributed database that is shared in a computer network. Several pieces of information will be stored in the blockchain database. Blockchain will provide better data security because there is no centralized control instead of that it follows a decentralized method. The blockchain will collect the data in groups and this will be really useful for the organizational process. Most financial transactions can be checked and securely carried out with the help of blockchain. Data security plays an important role in business and this can be easily achieved through blockchain.

Data Science

Data science is the process of collecting and organizing data and also to analyze it. Most of the organization is operated by using several data. Collecting the required data from a huge amount of data is a hideous task and it can be achieved with the help of data science. You can access the quality of the data and also the data will be organized for analysis.

Data science will help companies to get customer insights and also it will improve the security of your organization. You can protect your organizational data with the help of data science. Companies can track all of their financial activities and can determine the profit or loss. It can also determine the inefficiencies in organizational operations. All this will be really useful to improve the profit of an organization.


Automation will be really useful to improve the security of the systems. The efficiency of the organizational process can be improved by implementing automation in the operations. This will be really useful for the monitoring and provisioning of several processes in an organization. The reliability of an organization can be improved with the help of automation and also this will be useful to create good brand value. Several tasks in an organization can be automated and due to this, there will be fewer errors and thus better reliability.

Maintenance can be reduced because of the quick response time in automated monitoring. In case of any error, it will find out the faults and can resolve the issue. Better scalability is another advantage of automation the organizational operation must be varied based on the current trends and also based on customer requirements.

Organizational security can be improved with the implementation of automation. Threat analysis, vulnerability scanning, and preventive maintenance can provide better security to organizational data. Automation will secure the root of information technology in India.

How business sector will benefit from the IT sector?

  • Better business agility
  • Automation of the industrial process
  • Data security
  • Improved reliability
  • Time-saving
  • Competitor analysis
  • Customer experience can be improved
  • Maintenance costs can be reduced
  • Profit can be improved

Author – Ashlin A J

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