Interested in Building a Self-Driving Car Using Artificial Intelligence?


Yes, you heard it right! If you want to follow your passion of creating innovations and make the world a better place, then, a career in Artificial Intelligence is just the right thing for you. It prepares you to design and build a system that enables a machine to think, analyze, learn, judge and act like a human. There is a whole lot to Artificial Intelligence than what meets the eye. Through Artificial Intelligence, design your very own “Tesla” and, who knows, you might even become the next Elon Musk! Artificial Intelligence is gaining popularity and is being adopted by all major industrial sectors. With rapid and continuous advancements occurring in the field, Artificial Intelligence has made its mark and is to stay for a really long time.


To familiarize any new technology, one must start from the basics. Having a strong knowledge in Python and C++ is mandatory to excel in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Additionally, a firm grip on mathematics as well as physics will be an added benefit mainly while dealing with subtopics like matrices, linear algebra, and calculus.

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Interested in Building a Self-Driving Car Using Artificial Intelligence? 5

There are many programs offered in India on Artificial Intelligence, Python, C++, Machine learning, etc. like the ones offered by SMEClabs. However, it is the quality of the content, depth of the subject, area of subject coverage and the mode of deliverance that sets SMEClabs apart from the rest.

Artificial Intelligence

The prime aspect to consider while designing a self-driving car is the safety. Because a self-driving car is driverless, a considerable quality of thought needs to be given on its safety features. A self-driving car needs to maintain lane-speed and distance from adjacent cars, detect obstacles, traffic signages, etc. and maneuver itself to avoid any possible accidents. It must also “keep an eye” on any unforeseen dangers at pedestrian crossings, intersections, sharp turns, etc. This is where Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning comes into play. Both these technologies help the vehicle to undertake decisive actions based on logical thinking and reasoning similar to a human being.  

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Interested in Building a Self-Driving Car Using Artificial Intelligence? 6

Designing a self-driving car requires expertise in the following areas:

  • Robotics
  • Computer Vision
  • Image and Signal Processing
  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Software Engineering
  • Communication
  • Embedded Systems
  • Dynamics and Control

The self-driving car manufacturing company giant Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk says “ To my surprise, Tesla has better AI hardware & software than Waymo (money)”  — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) January 25, 2021

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Interested in Building a Self-Driving Car Using Artificial Intelligence? 7

Job Roles

The following are the top Job roles associated with self-driving cars:

  • Deep Learning Engineer
  • Embedded Systems Engineer
  • Control Engineer
  • Robotics Software Architect
  • AI/ML Design Architect
  • Data Scientist
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Interested in Building a Self-Driving Car Using Artificial Intelligence? 8

The main constraints that will be faced by self-driving cars on Indian roads would be tough traffic and inaccurate road maps. Although efforts are being made to tackle these issues, only time will tell how successful they turn out to be.

Learning Options

Career-seekers can turn to SkillUp or skill development firms to get the necessary skills required to design and develop a self-driving car. There are many institutions to choose from, which are providing ONLINE and OFFLINE trainings like the one provided by SMEClabs.

India lacks academic content on using ML and AI in robotics. Much development has to be made in this regard to update the students regarding these prospective and world-changing technologies. The Government of India has also come up with a promising gesture to empower the skillset of the students by making it mandatory for professional students to undertake Internship programs. Through internships, students are exposed to the industrial trends and receive hands-on training on different subjects.  Having undertaken internships strengthens the students and prepares them to be industry ready.

Through the newly launched SkillUp program by SMEClabs, learners around the world will have access to learn in detail and receive hands-on experience from one of the major industry-giants on the world. Through such skill development programs, the technology gap as well as the skill gap can be reduced.


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