Internet of Behaviour


Many of us have heard about the Internet of Things (IoT), But what about the Internet of Behaviour, there are a lot of things going on in this technological world like AI, Cloud computing, Automation etc…The advancement in our computer technology has changed from sending bytes, KBs’s, MB’s and going beyond Terabytes and these are transferred around the globe within minutes. So almost everything can be found on the internet. Are we safe in this kind of world, what about our data found on the internet, what about our bank passwords, what about sensitive information’s, what about social media accounts passwords, what about personal files. are they safe? We can say it is not. So, getting into the Internet is getting riskier than older days. I would say that the ecosystem or the digital world is monitoring our behaviours. Can you guys believe that, yes definitely! Consider we have an app that monitors our health or a smartwatch which monitor our health habits, they can use these data to analyse our behaviour, when we will sleep; when we wake up; what’s our health condition. So, these data are analysed and will give us instructions to be a healthy person by giving several instructions, even if we sit for a long time the smartwatch will indicate you that you have been sitting for a long time, have a break, here our behaviour is monitored and according to that, they will provide information from the internet or a preprogrammed system. This data collection gives information about the interest, preferences and behaviour of a person and this can be said as the Internet of Behaviour (IoB).

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Internet of Behaviour

The IoB tries to understand the behaviour of a person from the data that got through online activity. IoB analyses, captures, understand and respond the human behaviour which allows for new technological innovations and developments in Machine learning algorithms. The IoB is a combination of Technology, Data analytics and behavioural science. It is also a data mining process; these can be utilized for good and bad. Like in this pandemic situation India has developed an app called Aarogyasethu which helps in social distancing by utilizing the data that we had provided. But in other cases cybercriminals can get access to these sensitive data and reveal the identity of persons or scamming people with the same information will be catastrophic. If we have an IoT system then consider data and information are got using IoT and the IoB tries to convert that information into knowledge; this information’s can be utilized in machine learning systems. On the positive side, the IoB can be useful with proper cyber security measures to protect the sensitive data of an individual. It may be considered as by 2030, more than 50% of the world’s population will be exposed to IoB either by a government or private company. By utilizing the information that we provide to this ecosystem will give us personalized advertisements, a company can bring up new campaigns, different marketing strategies. We cannot completely be away from this, it will continue to expand as we give permissions to collect data. So, beware of the information that we share in this digital world.

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Author : Prahil S Kumar
Department : Industrial Automation
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