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What are the major IT jobs that do not need any programming skills?


In order to get an IT job, you don’t need to learn programming or coding, there are a lot of IT jobs that doesn’t need any coding skills. We all know that coding plays a major role in an IT company. So if you are planning to drop your dream because of programming then you don’t need to do that because there are several IT jobs that don’t need any programming skills.

IT jobs that do not require any Programming skills

1. Quality Assurance Engineer

In order to determine the quality of an application QA engineers are required they would test the application. So after the development of the application, several tests would be conducted to determine if the application satisfies the requirement. So in order to become a QA engineer, you don’t need to have any programming skills.

2. Scrum Master

Scrum is a framework that is used to create and sustain complex products. The major role of a scrum master is to facilitate the team for better creativity. Must be capable to manage the scrum process with the help of the scrum team. The scrum master on a team should manage all task assignments. Scrum masters should deal with the product delivery to the customer at the required time. The scrum master must make sure that everyone understands the scrums and adheres to them. Must be able to coach the team and also facilitate the scrum event. Scrum master plays an important role for a software company.

3. Technical writer

A technical writer should be able to write several technical pieces of content, technical writing is not similar to content writing. The major role of a technical writer is to write several complex contents in an understandable way. This would allow several readers to understand the product. A technical writer should be capable enough to do a lot of research regarding software or other products and also must be open to learning new things.

A technical writer must be capable enough to change the writing style and this writing style must be varied based on the audience and also based on the situation. A technical writer should have good grammatical knowledge and also must be able to do proofreading and editing. Must be capable to write content for social media regarding the products. From a small organization to MNC’s technical writer plays an important role.

4. Graphic designer

This is another noncoding job in an IT organization, everything we see on a website like an image or the color which is used in a website is done by the graphic designer. The graphic designer must be able to design and create, graphics according to the requirements of an organization. There are several opportunities for graphic designers. Graphic designers have several opportunities in the IT and non-IT sectors.

5. Data analyst

Data is utilized to carry out several businesses so the major role of a data analyst is to find a better way to utilize the data for several business purposes. They can be considered as the interconnection between the data and the management. Data analysts also check if there are any faults in the organization. A data analyst would check complex data using several strategies and they would also acquire data from various sources.

6. System Administrator

The system administrator is required in any organization. A system is comprised of hardware, software, applications, operating system, network, etc. So the employees in the organization would utilize the computer system to do their work. In order to carry out the operation in an organization, everything should work properly in a system. System administrator plays a major role in an organization. A system administrator should have good knowledge regarding operating systems, hardware and software, etc. The system administrators must be capable enough to handle all the problems regarding the system.

Graphic designer
IT jobs

7. SEO Specialist

The major role of SEO is to improve the ranking of the website. Mostly an organization would have one or more websites. If this website is not properly created then it won’t rank high and then there is no use for this website. SEO is a part of digital marketing and this type of marketing would be useful to develop the business. The major role of SEO is to analyze the competitor’s websites and should be capable to provide better keywords than the competitors. Must improve the website load time and must be capable to do proper link building.

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