LabVIEW is software that can be used to do graphical programming. This software can be used to program and control the lab instruments. LabVIEW has a compliant programming graphical user interface. It would comply with the codes in machine instructions, which is similar to the C program. The programs which are written in this software are called virtual instruments. This programming language would utilize graphical symbols and icons instead of texts and that’s how it is different from other programming languages. This programming language is called ‘G’ because it is a graphical programming language.

LabVIEW for industrial control system

What are the major features of LabVIEW?

LabVIEW is capable to achieve any programming function because it has several libraries of functions and subroutines to accomplish this. Programs would be in the form of a block diagram. The major advantage of LabVIEW is that any computation which is done by using the conventional programming language can be easily done by utilizing the LabVIEW because of the virtual instrumentation feature.

This software is utilized by thousands of engineers and researchers to develop sophisticated measurements, tests, and control systems using intuitive graphical icons and flowchart-like wiring. It can be easily integrated with different types of hardware and provides hundreds of built-in libraries for advanced analysis and data visualization, all to create virtual instrumentation.

  • It can be used to do the simulation
  • Can be used to control several equipments
  • Can be utilized for data acquisition

How LabVIEW is different from conventional programming?

Conventional ProgrammingLabVIEW Programming
The syntax would be utilized to do the programmingThe syntax is not required to do the programming
Program execution would be carried out from top to bottomThe program would be executed from left to right
In order to determine the error, we should compile the programThe error would be indicated while wiring the blocks
Not interactiveHighly interactive due to graphical programming
Text-based programmingData flow programming
Easy to find logical errors in large programmingIt is hard to find the logical errors in large programs
The flow of the program is not visibleData flow is visible
Extra coding would be required for the front panel designFront panel design would be part of the program
It would be difficult to pass the parameter to the subroutineIt would be really easy to pass the parameters to the sub VI
Conventional programming VS LabVIEW programming

How LabVIEW is utilized in the marine industry?

LabVIEW is utilized in most of the industrial sectors from Automotive to Aerospace. This software is utilized widely because of its several features. LabVIEW is simple, easy to learn, and can detect errors quickly. It can be used to do simulation so we can determine the faults in a system while designing the system.

The LabVIEW-based GPS system is utilized to determine the location of the boats this would be really useful for small boats. LabVIEW can be utilized to create several applications and this can be used to interact with real-world signals for several Engineering and Scientific applications.

LabVIEW is used to create an engine simulator, this simulator can be utilized to check the main engine in the ships. The main engine part of the ship would be composed of a fuel oil system, cooling system, compressed air system, etc. LabVIEW can be utilized for Boiler control, Engine start sequence, Navigation, Satellite communication system, etc. This software would be really useful to do the testing and measurement of a lot of instruments in cargo ships, navy ships, etc. Due to this, there would be operational safety and efficiency.

During the simulation process system would be prepared to start the engine. The temperature, volume, and pressure of the engine would be set properly, and the engine would be operated remotely. Proper engine RPM would be determined and checked.

Why LabVIEW is required for industrial control?

LabVIEW is utilized in many industrial processes, it can be used to do the measurement, monitoring, testing, and control. This software would allow high-speed and high-precision industrial measurements. It can be utilized to analyze the signals, and the efficiency of the industrial process can be improved by advanced control. You can use LabVIEW with PLC so that you can properly utilize your system.

The human-machine interface plays an important part in industrial control. In order to determine the faults in a process easier, there should be a good HMI. By utilizing the LabVIEW we can easily create a good graphical user interface, it has good 3D tools to create a good HMI. Less time would be required for the development because of graphical programming features. It has a mechatronics platform that can be utilized to develop machines.

LabVIEW would be utilized in the industrial PC so that it can be utilized to monitor and control several industrial processes. Remote monitoring and control would be possible by utilizing the LabVIEW. Data can be monitored and varied easily by utilizing the wireless network. By utilizing all these features of this software, the industrial processes can be carried out smoothly.


What are the major advantages of LabVIEW?

  • Good user interface
  • Programs can be easily modified
  • It supports multiple operating systems such as MAC, Windows, etc
  • It is easy to learn
  • Economical
  • It can be utilized in the automation sector
  • It is utilized in Aerospace
  • It can easily interact with other hardware
  • Third-party hardware interface can be easily done
  • This software is utilized in the engineering sector
  • It is utilized to carry out several scientific applications
  • It can be used for data acquisition

What are the major industries that utilize LabVIEW?

What are the major companies that utilize LabVIEW?

  • Honeywell
  • Siemens
  • General electric
  • Tesla
  • Intel
  • IBM
  • Texas Instruments
  • Autodesk

Why choose a career in LabVIEW?

As we discussed earlier LabVIEW is utilized in many industries, so choosing a career in this would secure your future. You would get opportunities in Aerospace, telecom, robotics, oil & gas, etc. Graphical programming can be considered the future of programming, this software is utilized in the Engineering & scientific field. In order to start a career in LabVIEW you should be a certified professional, so start your career in LabVIEW with SMEClabs.


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