Most of us have heard of automation, It is a way for any process to work automatically using technologies. There are many types of automation, including home automation and industrial automation . The RPA is also about the completion of processes or tasks . It is used across industries to automate repetitive high volume tasks such as data entry, predictive maintenance and after-sales service support . Then why is it called robotic process automation? This is because RPA is not hardware based like traditional automation .we can call it as software robots


There are some areas like insurance, banking, finance, healthcare, telecommunication, they handle a lot of data .The company spends a lot of work and time on data entry, form filling, report preparation, email scraping and some other similar tasks. It requires a lot of labor and it takes time . Many of these tasks are repetitive tasks .What if we replace it with bots? That is what is happening in RPA .A bot is a software robot that performs automated, repetitive, and predefined tasks. Bots mimic or replace human user behavior. These software robots are faster than humans, they can process a lot of data, and the risk of errors is negligible.Compared to humans, they do not rest, they work 24/7. RPA is not a physical robot it is the use of software with machine learning and Artificial Intelligence to do automation .RPA does not require any programming skills to configure the robot. As it is a codeless technology, any non-technical person can set up the bot. There are some software like RPA tools that helps the users to configure the automation .UiPath Blue ,Prism , Pega are some examples of RPA tools .


RPA gathers data from current systems and uses it to automate tasks .There are several ways to integrate RPA tools with applications. One option is through front end and other through back end. The best way we choose according to our requirement .In backend connectivity, automation accesses services and systems controlled by a process automation server. In backend connectivity, automation accesses services and systems controlled by a process automation server. It is commonly used by software robots to automate back office tasks such as insurance processing, report writing, and scrap mails .In the same way that a human operator can read and write data from the target application’s user interface and capture events, a front-end automation can do the same. Like, Bots can participate in chat rooms and respond to direct messages .They are called chatbots ,A chatbot is a computer programme that simulates human conversations in some way. It facilitates human-machine communication, which can take the form of messages or voice commands. It is designed to work without the aid of a human operator.


RPA tools are software that allow users to automate a variety of tasks.

UiPath :- It is a powerful Robotic Process Automation tool for automating desktop and web applications. It allows multinational corporations to design and deploy a robotic workforce for their businesses.it includes a drag-and-drop feature. As a result, users with no programming experience can use UiPath to automate tasks.

Blue Prism :- It is a robotic process automation (RPA) tool that helps businesses create a virtual workforce. It enables businesses to automate tedious, repetitive, and rule-based business operations in a cost-effective and agile manner. It allows you to automate chores by dragging and dropping.  Pega:- It is a RPA solution that may be used to automate repetitive operations in a workflow. It adds the ability to automate operations using current apps’ user interfaces.automating user activities, speed up manual tasks.    


RPA reduces labor and time and thereby reduces organization costs , so overall cost of products lowered. So it will positively influence the price of product or service. RPA has numerous applications in customer service such as banking, insurance, employee on boarding, customer on boarding and data entry etc. The work of many has been reduced to a few, and even in the RPA there is a need for some skilled people because there are certain situations that robots cannot handle.


RPA break the traditional method of data management and customer service. This will destroy the functionality of the people who provide services such as data entry, documentation and telecalling. Although people will initially lose their jobs, there will be a need for automation technicians who can do RPA in the long run. More and more companies are turning to RPA to benefit from automation’s cost savings, and they can’t find enough people with good RPA skills to fill their positions. RPA salaries have risen faster than other IT fields as a result of this.

Author : Mohammed Ajsal K T
Department : Industrial Automation
Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/in/ajsal-kt/


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