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Smart Building System


Today the existing building management system has numerous challenges for the owners, as the current BMS systems are troublesome destructive, and most of the time it doesn’t give the proper data to analyze cause it is not integrated with an intelligent system to work independently. So the current system doesn’t have any influence or support in the business leads to higher building management costs and tone of maintenance.

The smart building has the ability to analyze the environment and make real-time adjustments to improve efficiency and productivity. A smart building uses IoT devices such as sensors, actuators, gadgets, appliances, and software with online connectivity to monitor various aspects of the building to gather and analyze data which is used to optimize the building’s environment and operations. The technology gives you overall control of the regular BMS system and more.

The BMS system is integrated but not intelligent like the Smart Building, which has multi-user access and is monitored remotely also shows the fault and also diagnosis the real-time issue. Automated building gives us advantages such as intelligent energy management systems, intelligent fire monitoring systems, and many more.

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The traditional BMS system can be programmed to operate your HVAC system at a specific time and temp. at daily based on various levels. Smart Building System can give your more control over your HVAC by commanding it to turn on and off as needed throughout the day, by measuring CO2 levels inside the building in real-time. If the CO2 level increase or decrease based on building guidelines the system automatically adjust it by increasing or reducing outside air intake. It also analyses the whether data and building HVAC data to take appropriate steps in making a comfortable environment for occupants it also reduces the operation cost and saves energy and time.

BMS system can’t be replaced by Smart Building System it works in conjunction with the BMS, which allows you to understand your building and your systems by monitoring building functions in real-time. Analyzing building data and automating operations allows you to have overall control and optimize your workflow.

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