The role of “Software Testing” is to identify what are defects, errors, faults occurred in a Software application or website. All software problems can be termed as bugs, the main purpose of testing is to identify the risk or bugs that appeared on software or websites and the tester wants to identify the expected and actual results and it must be verified with the requirements given by the customer. There are 2 types of testing methods Manual Testing & Automation Testing.


Testing is context-based and a risk driver process, as it requires a methodical and disciplined approach to finding defects. A good software tester needs to build credibility and possess the attitude to be explorative, creative mind to generate various methods of test scenarios. Testing starts only after the completion of the coding phase, it actually begins even before the first line of code can be written. In the life cycle of a software product, testing begins at the stage when the specification is written, finding defects or bugs at this stage can save huge amounts of time and money. Reporting a bug may be the most important and sometimes the most difficult task that you as a software tester will perform. By using various tools and clearly communicating to the developer, you can ensure that the defects you find are fixed. There are several tools are available for testing even if automation or manual.

In Manual testing there are several types of testing tools are available like JIRA, BUGZILLA, TRAC, FogBugz, MANTIS these tools are used to reduce the work process and work pressure of a manual tester because manual testing is a risky process a person needs to develop test cases for the software and lot of time to take the test, To reduce the risk there is another option named as automation testing. Automation testing is a concept to test the software under a tool with code Like Selenium tool, Appium tool, etc.. These tools are used to create automated test suites.

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Software Testing – Trending Jobs

Future Scope/Job Opportunities

Testing has been done on several sectors like Performance Engineering, IoT, Big data testing, Automated testing, AI sector QA, Blockchain testing, Cyber security, Mobile Automation test, UI test, Robotic process automation test, etc.

Job opportunities in testing: Software test engineer, Manual and Automation sector, QA Analyst, Test specialist, Test Architect, Technical team leader, Test Manager, Test Consultant, Performance tester, Load tester, Test Case Designer.

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