SMECWhat is Mean stack and how it would benefit...

What is Mean stack and how it would benefit an organization?


Introduction to full stack

MEAN Stack plays an integral part in web development. In order to develop software, there are certain processes involved. The major two processes involved in this is the frontend development and backend development. We can define the frontend as user-side development and the backend development is defined as the server-side development. In a software application, the front-end side can be defined as the client side. An example of this would the Facebook page that we utilize or what we can see. Several programming languages and tools are utilized to create this front end such as HTML, javascript, etc.

The major function of a back-end developer is to create the functionality of the application. The backend won’t be visible to the user, so certain programming languages such as java, python, and PHP are utilized to develop the back end. So a full stack development can be described as the combination of these two. So if a person who has good knowledge regarding any of the front-end and backend developing programming languages is called a full stack developer. So mean stack is a combination like the full stack.

MEAN Stack
MEAN Stack

What is the MEAN stack?

MEAN is an acronym for MongoDB, Express, Angular, Node.Js. Mongo is a database, database that is widely utilized for software development. It is an open source so it is free and major companies are utilizing the mongo DB for the database. Express is one of the important components in the MEAN stack, Express is a framework of Node.js. Node.js is a framework of the javascript programming language. Every programming language would have its own framework, express programming language is free. The major advantage of the express programming language is that it can be easily configured and installed. API creation can be easily done by utilizing the express. Angular is an important component in the MEAN stack, it is a frontend programming language.

MEAN is a full-stack javascript framework and it simplifies web application development. Angular is widely used by Google, so it is an important programming language. Angular is mostly used to develop single-page applications. An example of single-page applications would be FAQs on certain websites. When we click any of the FAQs then the answer would be displayed on the same page. There won’t be any change in the page URL and the page won’t be refreshed too, and this would save the loading time. This feature in the web page is called the single page application. Node.js is a javascript programming language, this programming language can be used to create the frontend and backend too. So in order to become a MEAN Stack developer one should have good knowledge of all these programming languages.

Is MEAN Stack a good career?

MEAN Stack is utilized to develop websites and website development is an important task for a wide range of industries. Choosing a career in MEAN Stack would give a lot of opportunities. MEAN Stack is used to develop good quality digital solutions. MEAN Stack can be utilized to create and execute digital solutions quickly.

What are the major requirements for a MEAN Stack developer?

  • Frontend and backend process
  • CSS & HTML
  • Database Architecture

How MEAN Stack can help you in your business?

  • It is Economical
  • Can easily create a website
  • It is flexible and versatile
  • Easy to use
  • Security
  • You would be able to create a website that can handle a lot of traffic

What are the advantages of MEAN Stack?

  • It is free
  • Purely Javascript
  • Good web standards
  • It can be utilized to create websites quickly
  • Front end and backend development is possible
  • We can create dynamic websites
  • JavaScript would be utilized with a great framework
  • Low memory footprint

What are the disadvantages of MEAN Stack?

  • No JavaScript coding guidelines
  • MongoDB is used to gain speed but it is not secure
  • If we create a website by using this technology then it would be difficult to go back to the old way

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