Building ManagementWhat’s MEP in construction and What is MEP engineering?

What’s MEP in construction and What is MEP engineering?


Introduction to MEP

MEP stands for mechanical electrical and plumping and it plays an important part in the construction field. By utilizing the MEP we can create a secured building. In a building, there would be Electrical, Mechanical, and plumbing sections and all of these should operate properly. We can say that if the MEP is designed and functions properly then we can say that the building is also functioning properly. In order to properly implement the MEP in construction then there should be good coordination from the civil sector too. So MEP plays a good role in the construction sector.

What are the Major Benefits of MEP modeling?

MEP in construction would create good coordination between Architects, Engineers, Contractors, and professionals from other departments can be achieved during the design and also the construction phase. Efficiency can be improved MEP in construction would allow to check the accuracy and completeness of the project during the design and construction phase. There won’t be any delay to carry out the project due to the MEP. Cost can be controlled by the help of MEP modeling there would be a lot of preconstruction reviews and due to this manpower can be utilized properly, and the Quality of the construction can be improved. Time and material can also be utilized properly and all this would reduce the cost.

We can determine the requirements of Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing, and also the way in which the construction should be carried out in a building. There are several mechanical installation requirements for Air conditioning, escalators, lifts, etc. The electrical system plays an important role in a building such as lighting and power system, Electronic system such as sound systems, Security, Fire alarms, Telephone, BMS, etc. Plumbing system design can be easily done by utilizing MEP modeling. While designing the plumbing system rainwater, sanitary, drainage, etc can be properly maintained.

What are the major roles and responsibilities of an MEP engineer?

MEP Engineer must be capable enough to create and plan the required design of the Electrical, Mechanical, and Plumbing system in a building. MEP professionals must be capable to meet the design requirements. MEP engineers should also utilize proper tools to carry out the inspection procedure by using the required tools. The MEP design should satisfy the required standards.

  • MEP Engineer should plan and coordinate all the activities during the designing and construction and should make sure that the design must be completed according to the government standards
  • An internal audit should be conducted to determine the quality of the work and should make sure that the completed work is compliant with the applicable codes and standards
  • Should be able to do the proper research and must find the solution in case of any fault
  • Should be able to coordinate in the MEP design and the design should meet the space constraints and codes
  • Should be able to create the 3D building information modeling
  • Make sure that the design which is created is safe for working and it should be healthy too.
  • Should have good knowledge regarding Electrical, Mechanical, civil, and plumbing
  • Should be able to review and approve the material which is submitted by another engineer
  • Should be able to provide guidance and leadership to MEP team members
  • Should be capable to participate in the testing and commissioning of the Electrical, Mechanical, and plumbing sections in a building

What are the advanced technologies which are used in MEP?

While creating the MEP drawing certain fabrication software can be utilized. The fabrication tool would give proper support for MEP in construction. There are Automated cutting tools for MEP these tools would help the fabricators. Nowadays Augmented reality is also utilized in the MEP. Due to this digital information can be utilized in the construction sector. There is also BID management software. There is much software for construction management too. All these tools can be utilized to improve the operation of the MEP in the construction sector.


What are the problems which could appear while implementing the MEP?

  • Coordination with the civil structure
  • Safety Aspects
  • Functionality
  • Economy
  • Constructability
  • Efficiency
  • Expandability
  • Maintainability

What are the advantages of utilizing MEP in the construction sector?

  • Proper designing of the structure can be done and can make change based on that
  • A lot of professionals from the different sectors can share the data
  • The project can be easily completed
  • Construction costs can be controlled
  • Less maintenance can be achieved
  • The chances of error would be less on site
  • Proper planning and coordination of the Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, and plumbing sectors can be achieved
  • 2D/3D drawings would be available of the building and changes can be easily done

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