Artificial IntelligenceWill Artificial Intelligence destroy jobs?

Will Artificial Intelligence destroy jobs?



Artificial intelligence is used to make intelligent machines and thus machines would be able to think and also would be capable of taking decisions. We can expect that in the future there could be a lot of robots if AI is utilized properly then it could be a good advantage to mankind. A system that is composed of Artificial intelligence would behave intelligently by checking the environment and taking proper actions based on that.

The AI-based system would be entirely software-based, it would have several features such as voice assistance, Image analysis software, face recognition, and search engines. We can add AI in hardware and due to this, there would be advanced robots, Automatically driven vehicles, etc.

Artificial intelligence is really complex we can describe it as a combination of Complex science and mathematics.

What could be the future of Artificial intelligence?

  • Transportation would be automated, and most vehicles would be self-driven
  • Robots can be used to help people in their homes
  • There are certain hazardous jobs such as working in skyscrapers, bomb diffusing, etc, and all of these works can be handled by robots.

Will artificial intelligence increase unemployment?

Yes AI would replace many jobs but it also creates a lot of jobs too. Many workers would lose their job because of this, and workers from different industrial sectors would lose their job. But there would be a lot of opportunities in the software and robotic sector. The major impact would be in the human labor sector because in the industrial sector, humans would be replaced by robots and other machinery.

So we can’t completely say that AI could cause unemployment, in one sector there is an advantage and on another side there are disadvantages.

Examples of Artificial Intelligence?

Robotic Process Automation

Automation is the process of making machinery operate automatically. So many robots are programmed for repetitive tasks and this has created much unemployment.

Machine learning

This is the field in which computers would get the ability to learn without being properly programmed. Deep learning is a part of machine learning.

Machine vision

It is the process of making a computer visualize by checking a lot of information using the camera. Machine vision can be improved by doing several programming.

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What are the major sectors where we can use AI?

Healthcare sector

We can analyze a patient accurately by implementing AI in the medical sector and this would fasten several processes.

Business sector

Automatic robots are utilized in many industrial sectors and this would create a lot of profit in business. There are a lot of chatbots on many websites so it would give proper customer service.

Financial sector

We can utilize AI in the financial sector, and AI can be used for personal financial applications. This would help to collect a lot of individual information and also could be used to give a lot of financial advice.

Cyber security

AI can be used for cyber security and this would secure your data.

Manufacturing sector

Robots are widely used in many industrial sectors and a lot of countries are utilizing intelligent robots in a lot of their application.

What are the advantages of AI?

  • AI can be utilized to improve the productivity
  • We can monitor a huge amount of data
  • Quality can be increased and there won’t be any human error
  • Profit can be increased and maintenance costs can be reduced
  • We can use AI for public services such as education, transportation, and government
  • We can utilize robots to do the mining process, they can also be used to explore the ocean floor and thus we can use AI robots to do the works which can’t be carried out by humans.
  • We can use AI for our daily life applications, such as self-driven vehicles and many financial sectors are utilizing artificial intelligence to manage their data
  • AI can be utilized to do the repetitive task so it can be utilized to do several industrial tasks
  • AI would be really beneficial for medical applications
  • We can continuously operate AI-based machines for several hours without any break
  • We can do predictive maintenance with the help of an AI-based system. Because the AI system would give proper reports if there is any problem in the operation and thus we can prevent the fault before it happens.
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What are the disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence?

  • It can’t multitask
  • The initial cost of an AI system is really huge
  • Less creativity and imagination
  • It won’t be able to make a moral judgment
  • AI-based machines can only do tasks for which it is programmed it won’t be able to make proper decisions in case of any unfamiliar situations
  • AI-based systems can’t improve themselves based on experience and machines are not capable to change their responses to changing environments
  • There won’t be any creativity and imagination in the AI system
  • There would be a lot of unemployment because humans would be replaced by machines
  • Humans would utilize machines to do most of their work and because of that humans could become lazy and also would lose their creative power
  • If AI is on the wrong hand then it would be a huge threat to mankind
  • In case there are any cyber attacks, If the AI-based system is operating then the total decisions would be taken by the machines and this would be really impossible to handle this attack
  • In case of maintenance of the AI-based system then you would need to spend a lot of money

What are the major applications of AI systems?

It can be used for medical and educational purposes

Smart vehicles

Smart appliances

Logistics and transportation applications

AI can be used to do many security surveillance

AI can be used to decrease the environmental pollution

Energy usage can be reduced

AI can be utilized for cybersecurity

AI can be utilized in manufacturing industries

AI can be utilized for data analysis.

We can use robots for disaster management

Author – Ashlin A J

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