SMECWireless Sensor Networks For IOT Security

Wireless Sensor Networks For IOT Security


You may very familiar with concepts such as the smart home. In order not to fall behind, we embark on a small prototype before the larger rollout. That’s when these problems appear, such as huge costs, difficulty to synchronize devices, security for data. These immediate issues are hindering the adoption of IoT strengths in device management. One solution is a wireless sensor network. That can help us turn large areas into “smart”.

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Wireless sensor nodes are combination (network) of different sensors connected in different models in order to monitor sensing data such as pressure, temperature, weight and go on. In factories there are lot of sensors are used for some examples like sensing the condition of motors, checking manufacturing quantities. These sensors are then connected to transmit data over the network, for data analysis or making decisions according to that. Some of the sensor network configurations are

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There are two main types of sensor nodes, battery-powered or natural-powered, most of which use solar energy. The sensor nodes can only travel a few tens of meters, so the network nodes will forward the data from the sensors to the gateway from the cloud. Since it is a wireless sensor network, they will be communicated over the internet. Data in this network is transmitted in many steps to reach the destination.

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Benefits of WSNs

  • Easy to install
  • Optimal Cost
  • Easy maintenance
  • Security
  • High flexibility and scalability


IoT devices that are quickly connected to an IoT network bring great benefits. One of their obstacles is security. The easy connection makes IoT devices vulnerable to attacks, especially when they carry a lot of important information from private security information to confidential information of agencies and organizations.

Wireless sensor networks can be considered an effective method for IoT security. Here is an explanation for this statement.

Smart sensor buttons

Nowadays, sensor buttons are designed more and more intelligently, able to perform more sophisticated operations. They can encrypt data and disable data access when attacked

Benefits from 5G networks

The evolving wireless network allows data to be transmitted quickly and with low latency. Any network attack can be quickly recognized and the system disables the attacked node with the rest of the nodes making the risk of data loss no longer possible.

Combined with many other security methods

Security is vital, so IoT devices or cloud providers are increasingly perfecting their security capabilities. As a result, security and wireless sensor networks become more secure, multi-layered security.

It is not possible to confirm that wireless sensor networks completely eliminate the risk of IoT devices from being attacked, but they are really an effective security method, with low maintenance costs but outstanding efficiency.

Author: Akshay Kumar
Department: Embedded Systems
Linkedin: Akshay Kumar | LinkedIn
SMEClabs Electronics Division

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