ADIPEC is a platform where many oil and gas industries get a chance to introduce themselves to the world. In this exhibition, they will exhibit a lot of new technologies and products related to the oil and gas industry. ADIPEC is conducted in Abu Dhabi. In this event, there will be a lot of products which include petroleum products, instrumentation devices, control devices, electrical devices, etc. In ADIPEC 2021, India has created a remarkable presence. More than 100 companies have participated in this event.

From Kerala, SMEC was the only company that has represented its presence in the oil and gas industry. SMEC has been in the oil and gas sector for the past two decades. We have a lot of branches in India, Dubai, Singapore, and other parts of Asia. SMEC has also got a training division where we train more than 300 students in a month. In ADIPEC 2021, SMEC has displayed a lot of its products related to the oil and gas sector such as power systems and control system components.

SMEC provides almost all kinds of services in the marine sector from hydraulic services to vessel control systems. This was an inspiration for the oil and gas industries located in Kerala.

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