What is BIM?

For managing and representing physical as well as functional characteristics of different places, we use Building Information Modelling. This process is supported by different tools, technologies, and contracts. To support decision-making regarding a building or other built asset, we extract, transfer or network data from Building Information Models.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) – A Great Career Option for Budding Engineers 7

Career Options in BIM

Currently, BIM software is widely used by individuals, businesses and  government agencies to plan, design, construct, operate and maintain diverse physical infrastructures such as water, refuse, electricity, gas, roads, railways, bridges, tunnels etc.

bim career
Building Information Modelling (BIM) – A Great Career Option for Budding Engineers 8

BIM is one of the best 3D model-based process that provides architecture, engineering and construction professionals the tools and the necessary insight to efficiently plan, work, design, construct and manage buildings and infrastructure.

Architecture: Create better designs, decisions and improve building performance.

Civil: Utilize intelligent connected workflows to aid in improving predictability, productivity and profitability.

Construction: For digitizing the construction site and thereby connecting project data from design though construction handover.

MEP: provides real-time support to on-going project along with its delivery process and improve MEP design quality.

Plant: For managing the design and construction aspects of intelligent piping, structures and processes in a more efficient manner and thereby collaborate throughout the project lifecycle and at hand-off.

Structures: Enables you to explore how structural design and detailing software can help one to win new business opportunities and support in real-time project delivery.

Current BIM Professionals

With the use of Building Information Model (BIM), an absolute virtual model of a building is created that is to be constructed. Now a days, it is extremely common to see CAD professionals, Civil Engineers and Architects turning to BIM job functions.

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Building Information Modelling (BIM) – A Great Career Option for Budding Engineers 9

These professionals handle a variety of job responsibilities such as meeting clients and contractors, making sure models are done correctly, running clash detection and ensuring that there is no scope for errors. This requires managing all the information and modelling it systematically and regularly.

Jobs available for Architecture, Civil Engineers, and Construction Professionals in BIM

Building Information Modelling Job Profiles are as listed below:

  • Knowledge -Based
  • Skill/Project Based
  • Corporate Support & Service Based
BIM jobs smeclabs
Image courtesy: Autodesk

Most in-demand job profiles in BIM

The most in-demand job profiles include:

  • BIM Technician (MEP) – Mechanical Electrical Plumbing
  • Revit BIM Modeller (Structural/Architectural/Electrical)
  • BIM Manager
  • BIM designer
  • BIM Coordinator – Civil 3D
  • Revit/BIM Modeller (MEP)
  • Structural BIM Modeler – Tekla Concrete/Steel
  • Business Development Manager
  • BIM/Revit – Draughtsman
  • BIM Structural Engineer
  • BIM Consultant
  • BIM trainer

How to Start with BIM

Coordination (Navisworks, BIM 360 Glue)
Everyone needs to start from something. In the case of BIM, most often, people begin with MEP coordination in Navisworks. Interestingly, the modelling ability required here is ZERO. Although this normally takes some effort from the learner side, it is comparatively the easiest way to start with BIM.

Modelling (Revit, Sketchup, AutoCAD)
When it comes to modelling, the tool of choice for architects and designers alike is Revit. Revit sheds a lot of knowledge – from databases and information to buildings and designs.

sketchup smeclabs
Building Information Modelling (BIM) – A Great Career Option for Budding Engineers 10

When it comes to the field of MEP, AutoCAD is the preferred tool of choice. There are similar functions and features in both Revit and AutoCAD.

4D Scheduling (Synchro, Fuzor)
4D scheduling is the combination of a 3D model and a project schedule. The three different skills required in 4D are:

  • Modelling construction elements
  • Scheduling
  • Linking models to schedules

Having all of the above three is considered as the holy grail.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) coordinator Salary

Average Salary in the USA: $60,231 Per Year

Average Salary in India: Rs.4,05,528 Per Year

salary bim
Building Information Modelling (BIM) – A Great Career Option for Budding Engineers 11


It is worthy to note that in countries like USA, UK, Netherlands, Canada, Australia, Singapore, India and the Middle East, the demand for BIM skilled professionals is on the rise. Many visionaries expect BIM to become the standard practice in the coming years. As a result, quite a number of design teams are adopting BIM and the numbers are to climb further over the next few years.

Fresh BIM engineers have a solid career in the short span of 5 to 10 years, although it is very unlikely to change after that. However, for experienced BIM professionals, the scope is endless.



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