CivilWhat is BIM and what is its purpose?

What is BIM and what is its purpose?


Introduction to BIM

Building Information modeling can be described as the digital transformation of the construction and architecture sector. BIM can be used to create designs for construction and operational processes and thus it will provide a good idea regarding how the building will be constructed and designed. The major advantage of using Building Information modeling is that we can create proper designs according to the requirements. BIM will be useful for engineers, architects, real estate professionals, and to lot more. BIM can provide a visual representation of a structure and based on that changes or improvements can be made. BIM will be useful for creating 3D models of buildings or structures.

The purpose and usage of Building Information modeling are to design or create a model or data during construction. The operation of the building information modeling will integrate multi-disciplinary data to develop data regarding a project. This project will be mostly based on the construction and architectural design of a building.

What is BIM and what is its purpose? 3

What are the major benefits of BIM?

The advancement of technology has made a lot of changes in several industries. Technology has made it possible to create and analyze digital models.  Due to this building information modelling has become a major tool for the engineering, architecture, and also for the construction sector.

  • Data security can be achieved
  • Asset monitoring can be done
  • Better efficiency
  • Projects can be easily completed
  • Improvement in design quality
  • Less maintenance
  • Very less error
  • Quality operation
  • Easy communication

What is the major industrial sector that utilizes BIM?

  • Architecture Designing
  • Civil Engineering
  • Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing (MEP)
  • Structural engineering 

How BIM is utilized in the architecture and construction sector?

Building Information modelling is utilized in many industries and it is also used in the construction and architectural sector. The construction process is complex data sharing and security are important in it. Designing and planning a project can be easily done with building information modeling. There will be several important data in a project and it must be secured too.

In a project, there will be several teams or departments and all of them can share the information easily. Unwanted maintenance can be avoided by using building information modeling. Digital models for a project will be really useful to provide proper planning and data sharing. If proper communication is not achieved then it will increase the cost.

During a project, there will be several miscommunications or errors and all of this can be avoided with the help of building information modeling. There is a common data environment in Building Information modelling and it will allow everyone to access the data. Building Information modeling will be useful for contractors, engineers, architects, etc. Building information modeling will make sure that the communication between the stakeholder and client will be carried out properly.

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What are the different BIM levels?

There are different Building Information modeling levels and each level provides a different set of information. All these levels will show how information is shared throughout the entire process.

BIM Level 0

In this model, there will be 2D drawings, and this method can be described as the starting stage of the BIM most of the organization is using other levels of Building Information modeling. At this level, the data shared will be documents and drawings and there won’t be any collaboration.

BIM Level 1

At this level, there will be 2D drawings as well as some 3D models. At this level, CDE will be used to carry out the data transfer so communication and collaboration can be easily achieved. Most organizations are still using this level of Building Information modeling. Partial collaboration between different departments in a project can be achieved through this.

BIM Level 2

In this level, 3D CAD will be used and in this level, the data sharing is entirely different from another level. A common file format will be used to convey the information regarding the project. At this level, full collaboration is possible between different departments in a project.

BIM Level 3

This level is more collaborative than other models. Mostly each department will use a separate 3D model but in this, every department will use the same design model. The 3D visualization of the project model is really good in this model. Collaboration between different teams in the project can be easily achieved.

BIM Level 4

Data scheduling is the major part of this model. The time required to carry out each part of the project can be determined at this level.

BIM level 5

At this level, the cost of the project can be determined. At this level, the professionals in this project will get the data regarding the budget.

BIM Level 6

At this level, the required energy for the project can be determined. The required manpower can be determined at this level.

What are the different types of Building Information modeling Software?

There are several types of Building Information modeling software such as




Tekla structures


What are the major careers in BIM?

  • Building Information Modeling Technician (MEP) – Mechanical/Electrical/ Plumbing
  • Revit Building Information modeling Modeller (Structural/ Architectural/ Electrical)
  • Building Information Modeling Manager
  • Building Information Modeling Designer
  • Building Information Modeling Coordinator – Civil 3d
  • Revit/ Building Information modeling modeler (MEP)
  • Structural Building Information Modeling Modeler – Tekla Concrete/steel
  • Business Development Manager
  • Building Information Modelling/ Revit – Draughtsman
  • Modeler- BIM – Revit-Structures (RFI)
  • BIM Structural Engineer

What are the applications of BIM?

•          Structural engineering

•          Reinforced Concrete

•          Precast concrete

•          Architecture design

•          Infrastructure development

•          Analysing the project life cycle

•          Work task information framework

•          3D/4D/5D Construction designs

•          Manufacturing sector

•          Operation and maintenance

•          Conceptual and detailed designing

•          Pre-panning of projects

Is BIM a good career and how to start a career in Building Information modeling?

As we all know construction, civil, architecture, and a lot of other industries utilize Building Information modeling. Many industries are looking for skilled professionals and creative minds in building information modeling and thus the opportunities in this sector are vast. You will get global opportunities by choosing a career in BIM. Another advantage of BIM is that it’s a high-paying job. 

Most of the organization is looking for a professional with skills. To get placed in an organization one should have good skills. SMEClabs is the best Building Information modeling certification course provider in Kochi Kerala. If you are planning to start a career in BIM then SMEClabs is a good choice for you.

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