What is Cloud computing?

Azure and AWS are the major cloud computing service providers. Cloud computing can be utilized to access and control several applications online. The term cloud represents the internet or network, cloud computing would allow us to share several computer resources such as networks, storage, servers, and applications. Distributed computing can be achieved by cloud computing, and in this several computers would be connected via a real-time communication network. We can run a program on several computers in a network by utilizing cloud computing. We would be able to access a lot of computing resources such as virtual machines, storage, and a lot more.

What is Azure?

Microsoft Azure

Azure is a cloud computing platform from Microsoft, and it is one of the leading cloud service providers in the world. The major requirement of cloud computing is the data centers and Azure has more than 200 data centers. This means that they can provide their service to many, so we can utilize this service from anywhere. One of the major reasons for the massive growth of this cloud platform is that we can utilize this cloud platform with other Microsoft solutions.

What are the major features of Azure?

  • We can create applications by using any programming language and while doing this we don’t need to worry about the hardware requirements because it would be taken care of by the azure.
  • Virtual machines can be created by using Azure and we can select the required, RAM, ROM, and operating system this is the major azure compute service.

Major Azure courses and fee structure

Azure coursesFee structure
Azure Administrator25000
Azure developer20000
Azure security Engineer22000
Azure AI Engineer30000
Azure Solution Architect25000
Azure course fee

Major customers of Microsoft Azure?

  • eBay
  • Boeing
  • Samsung
  • GE healthcare
  • BMW
  • Travelocity

What is AWS?


Amazon web service is a cloud computing platform. AWS is one of the major utilized cloud platforms globally. AWS can provide several services such as networking, storage, database, virtual computing, machine learning, AI, and a lot more. So AWS provides a lot of services and it will also provide good functionalities within these services. There are millions of AWS active customers and this is because of the AWS features. The major requirement for cloud computing would be data centers and AWS has a lot of data centers globally.

Major courses and fee structure of AWS?

AWS coursesFee structure
AWS-certified cloud practitioner25000
AWS-certified solution architect20000
AWS certified developer28000
AWS-certified advanced networking30000
AWS-certified cloud practitioner30000
AWS fee structure

Difference between Azure and AWS?

CustomersAzure doesn’t have many big customers as AWSAWS has big customers such as Netflix, Vodafone, etc
InfrastructureNot as good as AWSBetter than Azure
CostCheaper than AWSCostlier than Azure
Operating PlatformIt supports Linux but is not as good as AWS. It would support all of the Microsoft platformsSupports Linux and also it can be used on Microsoft platforms.
StorageBlob storage, backup, etcEBS, Gloacier, etc
FunctionalityBetter functionality than AWSLower functionality than Azure
Data centersLess than AWSMore than Azure
Transfer StabilityWhen compared to AWS the transfer stability is lowVery fewer data would be lost during the storage and transfer
Hybrid cloud systemAzure is open to a hybrid cloud systemAWS is less open to the private clouds when compared to azure
AWS VS Azure

In AWS data would be easily available and this data would be available in different zones globally, so the users would be able to store data easily. The data transfer stability of AWS is really good and AWS dominates azure in this sector. AWS can operate in windows and in non-windows platforms such as Linux etc. Several years before Azure didn’t support the Linux platform but now it supports the Linux operating system.

Why AWS is the leader in cloud computing?

The major competitor of AWS is Azure, because of the Azure, AWS has made a lot of improvements. AWS has increased its data centers to compete with Azure and also they have included a lot of features. They have created data centers in Asia. We can see AWS in most of the continents except Antarctica, AWS is implementing better services to keep up with their competitors. AWS has made its name by its customers, one of the major customers of AWS is the US defense intelligence agency.

  • You can build anything by utilizing the AWS cloud
  • Software listing is really vast when compared to the competitors
  • AWS Lambda would allow developers to run their code without the need for provisioning or managing servers
  • AWS has good security features
  • It would provide solutions really fast

Which cloud certification should you choose?

Right now AWS and Microsoft Azure is the leading cloud computing service provider. Currently, AWS is the leading cloud computing service provider, so choosing a career in AWS would make you future-ready. So if you are an AWS-certified professional then you would get a lot of cloud opportunities. AWS jobs are one of the highest-paying jobs in the world.

If you are planning to start your career in cloud computing then you can choose SMEClabs. You don’t need to have any coding experience to do this course. Business professionals and IT professionals also can also learn this course.

How Cloud computing would be useful to improve the business?

We can access several data and applications from anywhere by utilizing cloud computing. We could access several resources in a shared network to perform several operations according to the business requirements. So we can utilize many resources and can store a lot of data that can be utilized for the business. We can utilize the resources according to our requirement and thus cost can be reduced. Several applications can be developed and managed on this platform. There would also be a good backup and all these features would be really useful for business. In order to utilize software we don’t need to install it on our PC and due to this our business application would be mobile and accessible.

  • We can rent the computing power and data storage from some other data center
  • We can run over applications in someone else’s data center
  • We only need to pay for what you use
  • We can add a lot of resources and memory

What are the major advantages of cloud computing?

  • High speed
  • Cost reduction
  • Data back up
  • Good responsiveness
  • Good storage capacity
  • Reliability and mobility
  • Multi sharing
  • Software integration can be done Automatically
  • Machines can interact with cloud software
  • Global reach
  • Productivity can be increased

What are the disadvantages of cloud computing?

  • Performance would be varied
  • There could be a lot of technical issues
  • Downtime

Author – Ashlin A J