What is the scope of doing a QA QC in instrumentation?


What is the difference between QA and QC?

QA QC plays an important role in most industries. In the instrumentation sector, QA QC is the major section to carry out the operations properly. QA is done in the development or in the installation phase. QC is done to check if there is any damage to the equipment after production.

Managing ProcessDefects detection
Focused on the processFocused on the product
It will be done before QCIt will be done after QA
This will take less timeThis will take more time
It checks the production processChecks the quality of the end product
There will be frequent checkingTesting occurs during the end of the process
Manging ProcessCorrection process
Improves the development processImproves the product quality
It will determine the problem and rectify itQC will give proper feedback to QA in case of any problem

What is Instrumentation and what are the job roles of an instrumentation engineer?

Instrumentation deals with the instruments in an industrial sector. Instrumentation plays a major role in the industrial sector. In a manufacturing plant, there will be several instruments to measure several physical properties. There will be several physical properties in an industrial process such as pressure, temperature, level, flow, etc. The instrumentation engineer will utilize several technologies to create instruments for industrial operations.

• The instrumentation engineer will do the preventive maintenance.
• They will check for faults in the instruments or the industrial process.
• Installation of the instrument
• Calibration of the instrument
• Analysing P&ID diagrams
• Cable inspection and cable laying
• Inspection of the field instruments

What is the scope of doing a QA QC in instrumentation? 3

Is Instrumentation Engineering a good career choice?

There are several opportunities for instrumentation professionals all around the world. In Instrumentation, we can see a lot of opportunities in the oil and gas sector. The need for QA QC engineers in Gulf countries is high because of the vast number of oil and gas companies. If you are planning to start a career in Instrumentation then you need to get skilled in it. SMEClabs is the best instrumentation training service provider in Kochi Kerala.

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What is the scope of doing a QA QC in instrumentation? 4

What will be the Job roles and responsibilities of a QA QC engineer in Instrumentation?

• Monitoring of the equipment and to check the quality of the job site
• Inspection of materials and to check the quality of the production process
• Installation of industrial instruments such as control valves and other equipment
• Must be able to verify the P&ID drawings, wiring diagrams, and a lot more
• This person must be capable of doing the pre-loop check and final loop check of many instruments that can be seen in an industrial plant

What are the major QA QC jobs?

  • Quality Assurance officer
  • QC Engineer
  • Instrumentation Engineer quality control
  • Instrumentation QC inspector

Author – Ashlin A J