Solar energy is one of the freely accessible renewable sources of energy that is plentily available in nature. we can implement new innovative ideas in order to harvest those free energy from the windows of cars homes and even from the screens of our smartphones to enrich the power systems of our society. The problem in establishing new photovoltaic cells can easily be rectified by using these transparent solar panels.  The idea that can be highlighted is that we can simply implant the new generation of buildings with fashionable generative glasses so that they can function well.

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The visible spectrum that we saw is a part of the electromagnetic spectrum, which is a kind of arrangement of radiations based on the increase or decrease of wavelength or frequency. It contains radiations such as infrared radiations, ultraviolet radiations gamma radiations, visible light, etc. The transparent solar cells that we have discussed earlier basically depend on a device known as transparent luminescent solar concentrators (TLSC). These devices are composed of organic salts which are capable of absorbing the solar radiations not only the visible portions but also the infrared and ultraviolet portions of the solar spectrum. These salts shine when it absorbs these radiations as a kind of response and these responses generate the power in a narrow photovoltaic cell that is attached to the window pane. The power that is generated is converted into electricity and carried towards the whole building or the grid. These can operate throughout with an efficiency of around 10%. As per the experts, we can generate around 40% of nations’ annual energy from one by ten of the overall 5 to 7 billion meters square of the glasses that the United states of America have. The potential of growth for this field is pretty clear.

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The beginning of new startups in this field and their contributions leads to sustainable energy years ahead. A million dollars grant project from MIT subjecting ubiquitous energy has succeeded in portraying the production of electricity by scooping up power in the infrared spectrum. It also enables the blocking of complete solar heat and retains the building cool always. This venture has already partnered with the leading glass manufacturer namely NSG group who were very much impressed in these and also planted the same in the lobby of their own headquarters. A company which is established in Australia namely clear-vue has also come up with a slightly different idea where the TLSC is sandwiched in between two layers of glasses. Here also the infrared radiation is transmitted the only variation is that there doesn’t exist a coating at its exterior. It is an accepted technology and thereby the same Is implanted in the glass atrium of a shopping mall. A European team namely solar gaps have installed solar blinds in the office windows. The major advantage that this system provides is that it can mechanically orient along with the availability of sunlight at the current day. For every square meter, they planted around 100 watts of power can be produced which is enough for charging three laptops. Even the same technology is implemented in the Swiss strawberry farms, these panels remove the vital photons for power generation. They also help in photosynthesis and produce better yields.

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We can use the same technology in our smartphone screens, A group of researchers from South Korea has demonstrated that a suitable mixture with a correct proportion of titanium dioxide and nickel oxide can produce power at small scales like the size of a smartphone it may not be able to charge the phone fully but these are sufficient for boosting the battery in the tight working schedules. It has its own limitations since these are newly innovated technology. It will be an unavoidable source of energy in the upcoming generations. As compared to the other renewable source of energies transparent solar can help out the cities carbon-free and more sustainable.  

Author: Muhammed Ejas A K
Department: Industrial Automation


  1. I really enjoyed reading the article, it explains everything in detail,the article is very interesting and effective.Thank you and good luck for your upcoming articles

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  3. Very informative article. The implementation of ideas mentioned in this may lead to significant reduction in carbon footprint.

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