SCADA And Industrial IoT Both Involves Data Acquisition. But there is no different in many aspects but share the equal Goal. Scada is not full control system but Industrial IoT is made up of number of devices connected with each other. It allows objects controlled Remotely across Different network and architecture. This Process to save time and get Quality output

IIOT are Embedded with sensors, software and other technology for the purpose of exchanging data with other Devices and systems. they perform Plant and process system monitoring, Industrial process and machine control, Real time and historical Reporting, Data collection and Analysis.

SCADA (Supervisory control and data acquisition) it helps maintain efficiency by collecting and processing real time is centralized system and monitors and control the entire area. The function of SCADA Real time Database, Graphical Operator interface, Mopboard interface. It interfaces with physical Devices Remote terminal unit (RTU), Intelligent electronic Device (IED), Programmable Logic controller (PLC).

The industrial IoT is exist in Market and evolved as better technology comparator the traditional SCADA and PLC. The Industrial IOT came up as a technology got implement on top of SCADA. Parameters like scalability, Data Analytics came into existence with the disruptive technology IoT. Data generated from SCADA system still act as a data source for industrial focuses on analyzing the granular machine data so as to improve productivity where SCADA used to focus on monitoring and controlling has brought a wave new business to change the landscape of SCADA.

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Author : Naveen Anto
Department : Industrial Automation
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