SMECWhat is the role of automation in waste management?

What is the role of automation in waste management?


What is waste management, and the application of automation in waste management?

Waste management is an important issue that all of us are facing today. Every nation is facing this problem and some of them are able to handle it. If waste management is not done properly then it will cause a lot of environmental pollution. Already there are several environmental problems and waste management will boost these problems. Aquatic life will be affected if waste management is not properly done.

Due to the increase in population, the waste generated is also increased. So if there is an increase in waste generation then waste disposal must be done properly. Waste management is not just about collecting waste, it is the collection, transporting, recycling, and also disposal of the waste. In order to carry out everything accurately we can implement automation in the waste management system.

What is the importance of automation in waste management?

We all know that due to the increase in population, the waste generated is really high and our waste management system cannot handle the tons of waste generated each day. Automation can be really useful for waste management. Automation can reduce the environmental impact due to pollution and due to this, we can see automation in waste management. Smart waste management can be achieved with the help of automation. Automated machines can perform multiple operations and thus there is no need to move the material from one work center to another.

automation in waste management
Automation in waste management

How waste management should be done and how automation is utilized in waste management?

In several countries, we can see that rural areas are utilized as waste disposal sites. This can cause several problems so we must make sure that there shouldn’t be any indiscriminate dump sites. Indiscriminate dump sites can cause air pollution, diseases, etc. These dumpsites will also pollute the groundwater and thereby the disease rate will increase. We can avoid all these by dumping the waste in a location where the disposal and recycling of the waste take place.

An important part of waste management is decreasing the production of waste. This can be achieved by properly disposing and recycling the waste and after that, we should be able to reuse the disposed waste thereby we can reduce waste generation and also can protect our nature. In order to properly carry out waste management there should be good cooperation between the government and the public. As we all know that developing countries create a lot of waste, and this waste should be handled properly.

automation in waste management
Automation in waste management

Major automation technologies used in waste management

Several automation technologies are used for waste management such as robots, sensors, and AI.

IoT and AI

We can develop intelligent trash cans by utilizing the IoT. We can use IoT detectors and AI for waste management. IoT and AI can segregate waste into several categories such as chemical waste, electronic waste, food waste, etc. All these can be achieved by several sensors to determine the waste category. We can segregate the waste material and also the reusable material by utilizing this feature.

Robots in waste management

Robots are used in the waste management system to ensure safety during waste segregation. Robots can help with several waste management processes such as collection, dumping, and sorting of waste. It will be useful to lift huge waste materials and segregate the waste material from the reusable material.

Robots can replace humans and thus they can be used to do hideous tasks and also tasks that involve lots of risks. It can make the waste collection process faster and more accurate. Due to all these reasons the demand for waste collection has increased a lot. Robots can pick up the waste from the conveyor belts. These robots are vision programmed and thus they can segregate different waste materials.

RFID tags

RFID tags are useful to determine the waste that comes under different tags. These tags will be scanned by a pneumatic waste disposer and this will be really useful to determine different types of waste.

Underground automated waste management system

This is an advanced waste collection system and it will remove the need for garbage trucks. This type of waste management system will reduce the odors due to the transportation of the waste. There won’t be any need to clean the street due to this type of waste transportation. In order to carry out this process there should be an underground pipe system.

In this type of waste management system public inlet bins, and also the collection system should be fully enclosed. So the initial cost of the underground waste management system will be high but it has several advantages too. In the underground waste management system vacuum suction will be in the loading point and this will really useful to carry out the disposal process.

automation in waste management
Automation in waste management

Advantages of underground automated waste management system

  • There is no need for large trucks to transport the waste
  • No need for early morning waste collection
  • Recycling of the waste will be carried out easily
  • The city will be cleaner than before

How Automated waste management system is different from a conventional waste management system?

Conventional waste management system
Automated waste management system
There will be lots of pests in the garbageThere won’t be any pests due to the sealed container
Garbage movement will cause a foul smell and spillageGarbage transferring will be carried out through pipes
All kinds of waste materials will be collected in a single truckThere will be a different truck for different waste such as E-waste, food waste, etc.
Less hygeienic operationsHygienic environment
A good amount of labor force is requiredVacuum technology is utilized to transport the garbage
High maintenance is requiredLess maintenance is required
A good amount of space will be used for waste storageLess space is required for waste storage
Environmental problemsLess environmental problems because of recycling
There will be several collection points so the operational cost will be high
Less operational cost due to fewer collection points

Landfills will be more due to less segregation
Segregation is properly done and because of this landfill will be less
Automated waste management system vs conventional waste management system

What is a pneumatic waste management system?

This type of waste management system is also called an automated waste collection system. There will be underground pneumatic tubes that will transport the waste to the waste collection station. Recycling and segregation can be easily done.

What are the advantages of an Automated waste management system?

  • Reduces the amount of waste
  • It can protect the environment
  • Less maintenance
  • The recycling process is increased and due to this less trash
  • Safety of working professionals
  • Operational costs will be less

Author – Ashlin A J

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