SMECWhat are the major Non-coding tech jobs?

What are the major Non-coding tech jobs?


Non-coding tech jobs?

Non-coding tech job is also a good IT career. If you are someone who likes to start a career in the IT sector but doesn’t have any interest in coding or programming then there are several other options for you. There are several technological careers that don’t need any coding skills. Here are some of the non-coding tech job, which is suitable for nonprogrammers.

1. Software Testing

Noncoding jobs

This type of testing is required for computer software to evaluate the quality of the software and it is a non-coding tech job. Software testing must be carried out properly and regularly because testing won’t always be correct. Testing the computer software is to determine if there is any bug in the software then it can be determined.

There is manual and automatic software testing., mostly Manual testing is used because machines won’t be able to give proper software experience. While testing we would be able to determine if there are any glitches in it. We can determine how the software would perform by testing it. The software tester would work with the developers to achieve good-quality software. The major objective of software testing is to understand the application very well. Testers should be able to determine where the bugs can occur. Testers must be capable find out if there are any hidden bugs in the software.

2. Website Testing

We can determine the quality of the website by testing the website and it is a non-coding tech job. These testers must be capable to determine the faults of the website. As a web tester, one should be able to determine the security, functionality, scalability, accessibility, etc. Web page text should be treated properly like the title text etc.

Check if the website graphics are proper or not, white box texting and dynamic testing must be done properly. The website tester must be able to determine the server performance, loading, and security too. Website testing is required to determine a lot of factors, such as whether the website is easy to use and meaningful. Would be able to determine if the site is reliable and how it can handle the site activity.

3. SEO

SEO is required in an organization that has a digital presence. So most organizations would require an SEO and it is a non-coding tech job. An SEO must be capable to determine the rank of the website and should be able to rank the website by using proper keywords and a lot of other methods. There are a lot of SEO strategies such as on-page SEO and Off-page SEO. Another important part of SEO is quality content.

The content on the website should have proper quality if the quality of the content is low then it would affect the website’s ranking. Analysis of the website is the major job role of an SEO. SEO should determine the website traffic and also determine the proper landing pages. Competitor research is also another important part of SEO. SEO must be able to determine the backlink and also detect the performing pages.

4. Data analysis

Every organization would require data for various reasons and while doing this proper quality is required for the collected data. Data analysis is the process of analyzing the meaning of the data which is collected. During the data analysis, data would be ordered and organized and the required information would be obtained from the collected data.

The major objective of the data analysis is to reduce unwanted, easy presentation, save time, and also get the required information. Good quality data is required to take proper business decisions and this is a non-coding tech job

The major step which is involved in the data analysis is the type of data that is collected. In order to effectively do the data analysis, one should be able to manage the data which is collected in it. A data analyzer must be able to draw meaningful and logical conclusions.

The data analyzer must be able to do an analysis of numerical data, and narrative data, and also should be able to manage the data. Data should be managed irrespective of the type of data.

5. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the marketing of the products and services of a company by means of electronic media, and it is a non-coding tech job. By utilizing digital marketing we could get global recognition. Digital marketing is done by utilizing several digital channels such as the internet, computer, smartphones, social media, and electronic media.

There are various types of digital marketing some of them are social media marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing, etc. In this type of marketing, we can check how successful is the marketing and it is really economical too.

The major advantage of digital marketing is that it is really economical and effective. In the conventional method, product marketing was done by utilizing the television channels and the newspaper and it was really costly too. But now we all know how we are influenced by social media. So we can say that digital marketing is an effective marketing strategy.

6. Cybersecurity

We can define cyber security as the protection of computers, servers, electronic systems, networks, and data from several attacks. The major reason why cyber security is important is that, in an organization, there would several important data all these data should be protected.

Most of the data would be regarding the client information so there shouldn’t be any compromise in the client and personnel data. Cyber security is a non-coding tech job.

In case an organization is subjected to attacks then it would cost a lot to recover all the data. Client trust would be reduced in case of any attack. The reputation of an organization is dependent on this, so cyber security is required in most organizations, and due to this, it is a good career option.

7. Cloud computing

This is another non-coding tech job, a cloud can be defined as a network or an internet and it would be present in a remote location. Clouds can be utilized with the help of public or private networks. We can connect several computers by using the cloud, so we can do distributed computing in a network. Due to this, we can run a program on several computers at the same time.

The major advantage of cloud computing is accessibility, we can access systems regardless of the device and location with the help of a web browser.

Cloud computing is really cost-effective because we don’t need to spend a lot of money on hardware and software and also licensing fees would be reduced. There would be a lot of storage space in the cloud.

Non coding jobs
Non-coding jobs

8. UI/UX design

UX designs

The UX designer must create the website or application by considering the user. This designer must be able to determine the usability testing of the website or the application. The user should be able to understand the website and also it must be easy to use.

UX designers must be able to determine the expectations of the user and based on that the design should be done. This is also a non-coding tech job.

UI designs

The user interface design is the design of websites or mobile applications. This is entirely dependent on how the website visually looks. The major role of a UI designer is to give a good design for the website so that the user would have a good experience while using this.

Author – Ashlin A J

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