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NDT Certification Courses


Do you like to make a career in Oil & Gas and Aerospace then the NDT certification course would be the perfect choice

Nondestructive testing is a type of testing which is used in almost every industry in the world. The need for NDT testers is increasing day by day so if you are planning to do a course in NDT then this would be the right time for that.

You can see NDT testers in many industries such as chemical, Oil and Gas, Power Generation, Aerospace, and, a lot more. So NDT certification courses would help you to grab this opportunity. NDT testers can also be seen in construction fields, so an NDT certification course would become really handy for this.

What is an NDT course and who can do the NDT course?

NDT course would make you capable enough to monitor and test the industrial equipment, structure, etc. You can join Oil & Gas, Aerospace, and also in many other industrial sectors after completing the NDT course. In order to do this course, one should have +2 or a diploma then you are eligible for this course. Degree and Engineering graduates can increase their oppotunities by doing the NDT Certification courses.

Purpose of NDT testing in industries

As the name indicates this test won’t make any damage to the system, equipment, property, or the structure which is going to be tested. We can do this test for structures and industrial equipment, to make sure that the quality is not compromised. This testing would prevent the damages that could happen in the future. So this testing can be considered preventive maintenance.

NDT testing can reduce the maintenance cost and also can save many lives too. In many industries like chemical, oil and gas, mining there would be a lot of equipment and if any of this equipment or device doesn’t work properly then it could damage the entire plant or a system. So this type of testing would be really useful for industrial sectors. NDT testing would also be done on the automated devices so that we can determine the quality of the system or equipment by doing this. NDT Certification courses would make you capable enough to become an NDT tester.

Major industries that utilize the NDT testing

  • Oil & Gas
  • Marine
  • Chemical
  • Automobile
  • Mining
  • Defense
  • Aerospace
  • Civil
  • Power plant
  • Nuclear plant

Different levels of NDT certification and how to get NDT level certification?

In order to get NDT certification one should complete the written and practical exams. There are three major NDT certification levels and they are Level 1 NDT, Level 2 NDT, and Level 3 NDT. The major requirement of an NDT tester is to do certain special tests and by doing this the tester should demonstrate that the equipment is working properly and it can handle the workload which is assigned to it.

NDT certification level would be assigned to the tester according to their specialization and also according to their expertise.

NDT Level 1 Certification

In order to get this certification one should be capable enough to perform NDT calibrations and evaluations according to the given instructions.

NDT Level 2 Certification

To get this level of certification one should be capable enough to put up and calibrate the equipment or device. The NDT tester with this certification would also be able to organize the results of these tests. The NDT Level 2 tester would give instructions to the NDT level 1 tester.

NDT Level 3 Certification

In order to get this level of NDT Certification one should be capable enough to create and approve the NDT testing procedures. NDT level 3 tester would give instructions to NDT Level 1 and Level 2 tester.

NDT Certification Courses
NDT Certification Courses

Is NDT a type of preventive maintenance?

Preventive maintenance is a type of maintenance in which the equipment or structure would be checked to determine the unexpected damages or failure. Major industries such as Aerospace, Chemical, and Automobile would face a lot of downtimes in case if there is any damage to the device. So we can do NDT testing to prevent these failures and also the downtime can be avoided. Because of this, we can consider the NDT testing as preventive maintenance.

Job Opportunities for NDT?

  • QA & QC Engineer
  • QA & QC Supervisor
  • Equipment Inspectors
  • Quality control Engineer
  • QA Executive

Roles and Responsibilities of an NDT tester?

NDT tester needs to inspect devices, Equipment, and structures, so the tester should be capable enough to do the visual inspection. NDT tester should have near vision acuity and also should be capable to differentiate the color contrast.

Ndt 1
NDT Certification Courses 3

Major types of NDT testing

Visual NDT testing

In this type of testing visual data would be collected according to equipment status, to check for cracks and damages in equipment is the major part of the visual inspection. In case the equipment which is to be checked is in a place where human entry is not possible then a camera or drone would be used for this. For this testing NDT Certification is required, NDT certification courses will come in handy for this.

Ultrasonic testing

In this type of NDT testing, high-frequency sound waves would be transmitted to the device or equipment which is to be tested. So these transmitted sound waves would be transmitted and received to determine the cracks or damages in the device or equipment.

Radiographic testing

In this type of testing Gamma rays or X-radiation would be transmitted to determine the cracks or imperfections in an equipment or in a structure. This type of testing would show imperfections in a material that is hard to track by the human eye.

Magnetic particle inspection

In this type of testing magnetic field will be induced to the device which is to be tested, after that iron particles would be placed on top of the device. So if these iron particles act as a disruption to the magnetic field then we can determine the damages in the material.

Acoustic emission testing

In this type of NDT testing, acoustic emissions would be utilized to determine the faults in the equipment.

How is nondestructive testing different from destructive testing?

As the name indicates the destructive testing would damage or make changes to the equipment or the device which is being tested. An example of destructive testing will be a crash test for vehicles, so in destructive testing, there would be changes in the physical form of the device or equipment. In the case of nondestructive testing, there won’t be any physical damage to the device or equipment and thus there won’t be any loss. Destructive testing will be really costly when compared to nondestructive testing.

Fee Structure for NDT courses

Sl. NoMethodFees
1Magnetic particle testing15000
2Penetrant testing15000
3Eddy current testing15000
4Visual testing20000
5Ultrasonic testing20000
6Radiography testing20000
7Leak testing20000
8 Dye penetrant testing20000

How can you get NDT tester opportunities through SMEC?

NDT testing is inevitable in many industries not only in Oil & Gas, Aerospace, Marine, and civil sector, there are a lot of other opportunities for an NDT tester. So the opportunities you can have in this sector could be beyond your expectations. You can grab this opportunity by joining an NDT course in SMEClabs. SMEC is authorized by the American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT), American Welding Society (AWS), and American Petroleum Institute (API). So by doing this course in SMEClabs, you could get International NDT Certification, and we also provide placements too.

NDT testing course covers all of these NDT testings

  • Visual test
  • Penetrant test
  • Magnetic particle test
  • Ultrasonic test
  • Radiographic test
  • Radiographicfilm interpretation
  • Leak current
  • Thermal infrared
  • Phased array ultrasonic testing
  • Eddy current NDT

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