At the start of 2020, none of us could predict the situation that currently going through but by now in late October more of us starting look at what life will be like in the coming months and years ahead, most of us already know the question isn’t when things will get back normal but what will be the new normal look?. This pandemic also created deep distress, as some businesses struggle to stay afloat most Indian companies will see their revenue and profits getting impacted amid the pandemic. Digital is reshaping the workspace of the future and changing the nature of jobs that need to be done, we all must anticipate and prepare for this future of work to stay relevant and valuable and that starts by acquiring the right skills 

IT Industry in India employs a total number of 16 million people out of that 9 million peoples are employed in low-income scale and BPO jobs, Among these 30%  ie, 3 million people jobs are to be laid off by 2022 due to RPA, this is where RPA comes to play (ROBOTIC PROCESS AUTOMATION)

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We might mistake it for something related to robots and all, but this has nothing to do with these robots or electronics, embedded and all. So many offices have these clerical works, such as reading or checking the status of mail, moving files from one location to other locations, or tasks like data entry where we have to manually type and enter the data or arranging files in a Google drive so these kinds of low-income jobs which anyone can do by just clicking these are the one are going to replace

So how are they going to be replaced?

Here comes RPA comes to play Robotic process automation it doesn’t mean that actual robots come in and click rather these are done by software robots, suppose a bill received the amount it holds is typed into another software it involves all these things there are many applications like these. So this is how we are going to solve all these with the help of RPA

RPA is a tool, all this tool helps to create an application which can perform these kinds of clerical jobs some are done through coding, some are UI controlled which are done by just clicking through it by using RPA there are different ways like this After clicking through this a new application is made if we run this application in a system or server we can see all these clerical jobs reading E-mails and all are done by the application. Just think about the application doing all these jobs people have to do taking 2 or 3 shifts if we put this application this can work from the morning to evening right? If we think like that the companies are going to replace 3 million that is almost 30 lakh employees by 2022.

At the same time 7 lakh RPA developers will be needed there since there is a need to build these tools to develop. Tools we don’t need to fully code them instead we use RPA tools quicker output so we can learn these types of tools and opt for jobs based on them, companies already hiring people based on these it is easier because it doesn’t involve much coding even if there is coding it is very less, so jobs like these will be created but old jobs like clerical and low-income scale jobs replaced. 

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We know about high-income skills and low-income skills jobs, so what is a high-income skill job? Our value increases with an increase in time and experience, when it comes to low-income skills it depends upon how much a person can click around from morning to evening and there is a limit for that even if the person has 20 years or 30 years experience. These low-income skills jobs like data entry, reading, and sending emails are to a certain limit so this is a low-income skill to there is high-income skill jobs like coding designing, etc, you should understand that these replacements are not supposed to happen here. One thing you should note here is that 3 million jobs are lost and only 7 lakh people are getting replaced there are 23 lakh people left behind.

What they should do that?

They will have to upskill their job they will have to go into new fields like cloud development, DevOps, coding, or project management and attend training to continue working in the companies.

UP Skilling!! Different training companies working this field too, it’s very important to work there because when these many people lose their jobs they need to find new jobs so people always try and find a new job these people should pay attention to select high-income skill jobs the next time only then your value will increase, A job that requires creative skills will be valued more, In the coming days slowly all the jobs are going to be replaced starting with the low-income skill jobs so understand RPA very clearly it is not a robot it is an application likewise it is not any code it involves only replacing these kinds of clerical work so definitely will be lost in that section.

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We know that if we have to chat about food delivery swiggy/zomoto now we have automated services that do not require customer care support. In earlier days we used to call customer care to solve such delivery issues but now we don’t have that, now everything is automated we can report the delivery issues by selecting food from the menu and it will enquire about your Oder issues all of which is automated so the customer care job also replaced now similarly you should clearly understand and analyze these changes that jobs are being replaced in our country

These people should upskill their skills and learn about these skills there are already many courses are available in RPA, RPA tools include mainly UI path, Blue Prism, Automation anywhere, PEGA, Work fusion, etc. there are many tools like which process automation is possible many include different scripts and languages some doesn’t have any coding included so different tools are different ways so you should consider that while choosing tools if you like coding can go for coding based one. So these people who expect job losses in the clerical field due to RPA do try and go for RPA tool related or other high-income skill jobs upgrade your skills asap, learn new thing so stop waiting your jobs are soon going to be replaced by the end of 2022. 

Author : Bibin P
Department : Industrial Automation
Linkedin :


    • Well said! Learn new things and upgrade the skills ASAP
      With the post-pandemic trends and the advancement of technology in many areas worldwide, automation has gain popularity. This reflected in the workforce and professions. However, it is clear that as a result of digitalization, skill gaps will emerge. While some occupational groups disappear completely, it is seen that some new occupational groups will emerge and, some will transform.
      Adams-Prassl et al. (2020) have critically pointed out that less-educated workers, including most women, are more affected by this new crisis. Thus, individuals and organizations will have been naturally affected by robotic automation and digitalization in business processes management in the coming decades (Yildiz et al., 2021).
      Source Title: Digital Transformation and Internationalization Strategies in Organizations

      • yes absolutely right , this pandemic are going to end but post pandemic time is effecting our generation very badly ? how we can over come this?
        its really distress everyone.

    • yeah absolutly the after effect of the pandemic is not gonna be end soon , but now what we need to be do is that accept the circumstances and make a way to get around the serious effects of the covid 19

  1. Yes, This is right because due to Automation and RPA get best productivity to industry ,Increased Productivity. Most RPA robots are designed to focus on performing specific routine tasks. …
    Increased Efficiency. …
    Enhanced Accuracy. …
    Increased Security. …
    Boost in Scalability Opportunities. …
    Improved Analytics. …
    Enhanced Customer Service. …

  2. Sir this is helpful for that next level of jobs that means waiting for jobs and choosing which is best for course and choosing job opportunity

  3. The complete blog is on point and explained very clearly. Thanks for sharing on this topic. I’m already curious to read the next upcoming blog.

  4. In the present days, the world is developing everyday, especially in technology for easy and safe life staying.In the modern world, technology like Robots, RPA will replace the people jobs like author said.As the world is developing, we also need to develop to follow up the modern computerised age. I am also trying to learn the developed new things and suggest all peoples to learn new things and update your skills if not you can be jobless in one day. Thanks Author for pointing at.

    • Absolutely Right Mr. Nay hmu Aung.Trends are an extremely reliable source of changes. They will give you early warnings about what is correct and what is wrong with your career. If you follow trends, you will see them. This will help you to create a reliable system for discovering sources of changes.

    • its a very good point,technology developing fast but our skills not meet technology requirements why it is happening like this ? these technology are created by humans only but these humans are now a days suffering because lack of skill and knowledge.
      my point is we need to upgrade technology but at the same time we need to make sure that this employee skill should be increase as well

  5. Robotic process automation is really important method to increase the response time and it is helpful to decrease the current backlogs.

  6. Hi everyone this is srinivas k b. In this Pendamic I lost job and I learned industrial automation course. And placed in aztec automation process pvt ltd,. Smec is good platform to learn and get placement. Well equipment lab facility and technical staff is good 👍👍👍

  7. “A good example is far better than a good precept”
    Happy to know that our skill development programs meet industry requirements, congratulations Mr.Srinivas do upskilling and keep updating.
    Thankyou for your valuable feedback 🤝

  8. Yes, we can not survive epidemics without upgrading our skills. Choosing the right institute to upgrade technical skills is also a challenging task. After some suggestions I chose SMEC Labs Institute for PG Diploma in Industrial Automation. A few days after completing my course I got a position at Aztec Automation Pvt Ltd. Trust me guys smec labs is one of the best institutes for career upgrade. They have good technical & placement staff like Mr. Amit Rao, Mr. Bibin and Mr. Nidheesh. These three people have played a major role in my career growth. Thank you sir I hope you will continue to support me in the future as well.

  9. Robotic process automation (RPA) is a software technology that makes it easy to build, deploy, and manage software robots that emulate humans actions interacting with digital systems and software

    • Your point is good but not everyone doesn’t know its disadvantages this automated task increases unemployment and due to this many professionals lost their job what author is pointed that 100% correct many of my friends lost their job because of this.

  10. RPA is used to automate various supply chain processes, including data entry, predictive maintenance and after-sales service support. RPA is used across industries to automate high volume, rote tasks. Telecommunications companies use RPA to configure new services and the associated billing systems for new accounts.

  11. Very good point..
    Without upskilling we are going to face jobless situation one day
    Upskilling is the best option in this competitive World
    Thankyou for reminding this
    Good information

    • some people already faced the situation,some people changed their job field some poeples are still as a ? i think these types of blog will help peoples career development

  12. Good thought 👍. You have clearly mentioned the chances of job loss, need of skill upgradation and the benefits of RPA in this Blog. Well done and keep going👍

    • absolutely right its Pointed out the need of learning new skills in this fast developing world
      curious to know about more in this topic

  13. Informative Blog👍 Pointed out the need of learning new skills in this fast developing world. You have done a good job by pointing out these emerging areas in this technologically advancing world 👍

  14. Informative Blog 👍 In this fast developing world, there’s a necessity of acquiring new skills. You have done a good job by pointing out the emerging scopes in this technologically advanced world.

  15. RPA is growing in popularity because it can reduce costs, streamline processing and drive better customer experiences. Another attraction of RPA software is that business units can implement it without their having to learn new tools or ask IT teams for support and without changing an organization’s underlying IT infrastructure
    Very informative blog 🤝

  16. well said very informative blog
    how we can find good skill developing center? because we need to upgrade our skills then only our future will safe
    thanks for sharing this

  17. One of the industries boosted by the growing demand to digitise and automate processes is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
    Need to upgrade our skillsets otherwise one day we definitely face joblose
    Nice blog

  18. RPA have many tools using this tool we can do our work 24×7 so definitely this will cause jobless . very important lines
    good work 🤝

  19. Only Indian education system theortical knowledge is more than practical experience but industry need only skilled persons they don’t need thoertical knowledge
    This why now skill development programs has
    more important in market

  20. Thank you Mr Bipin
    i think the RPA project or system needs regular reconfiguration and
    It is a costly technology as compare to any other technology.

  21. This will make people who do clerical jobs redundant in the future and will make a lot more people jobless. Even if opportunities present itself for high skilled workers, it’s people who are less skilled that are going to suffer unfortunately.

  22. During this pandemic as said lot lost their job… hoping for the best days to come… RPA like technologies are growing in great pace as all giant companies are moving with technological development

  23. Very true at this hour if the industries need to bounce back how they were, they will need to switch to automation.

  24. Well said…
    Now a day’s improving skills are more effective to getting placed in companies and serveiveing the field… Because today we all are facing lots of competitions…. In our education system will gave a more theoritical skills than practical skills…but I think practical skills are more effective and helpful in working areas…

  25. unemployment is a problem that has affected this generation significantly and the pandemic that came with it will certainly cause more problems. It is imperative to learn new techniques incorporating changes in technology … well written

  26. This blog is helpful and very informative. As Mr Bibin said, we are living in a world with full of surprise “yaham kal kya hoga kisne jana”. So as he said by 2023 most people will lost their jobs. Automation will enter in the market and everyone will adapt. Be aware what is going to happen in future and plan accordingly.

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